Space Invaders is coming to the WOWCube

Space Invaders sta per arrivare sul WOWCube thumbnail

Space Invaders and WOWCube: here we are. Cubios Inc. and TAITO CORPORATION have in fact signed a license agreement for the use of all the trademarks, copyrights, themes, gameplay, images and audio clips of one of the most famous video games in the world; enough to create a new version of Space Invaders dedicated to WOWCube.

“We are happy – afferma Katsuhiko Iwaki, chairman di TAITO CORPORATION – to collaborate with Cubios Inc. and we think that WOWCube is a unique device that could be the next big thing in the world of gaming. We are sure that SPACE INVADERS CUBED will find a response in a very important community ”.

Ilya Osipov, president and founder of Cubios Inc., commented for his part: “I’m a huge fan of the arcade game SPACE INVADERS. It was one of the first games I played when I was my son’s age. I love everything: the graphics, the sounds, the entertainment and the addicting gameplay. Our unique WOWCube device together with this fascinating game with a long history of success is sure to be the result of a winning combination. I am very sure that our users will enjoy playing this arcade, with its nostalgic charm and new interpretation on their futuristic devices, with the possibility of enjoying hours of fun and entertainment. ”

Space Invaders Cubed: what it is

In the original version of SPACE INVADERS, a user must destroy enemy invaders while avoiding enemy fire and controlling their ship. With the SPACE INVADERS CUBED version, on the other hand, the playing field is all over the “cube”: on all six sides of the device.

The user interacts with the game by rotating and tilting the cube. The gamer’s spacecraft moves following the position of the integrated accelerometer and gyroscope. When the ship is right in front of the enemy, it starts firing automatically.

By rotating the cube, the user also gains the power to send an invading spacecraft to a remote corner of the universe many parsecs away and, when the player is ready, can take his spacecraft to that location and face off against it. ‘invader. In this way, the player can “tear apart” the enemy fleet and shoot the invaders one by one. The “cubed” version of SPACE INVADERS therefore requires both strategic thinking and cognitive abilities of the user. By doing so, the game process takes on a more engaging and rewarding value.