Space Pirate Trainer DX: Arena mode arrives in multiplayer

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The debut of the multiplayer mode in Space Pirate Trainer DX on Oculus Quest greatly enriches the experience for users. Space Pirate Trainer DX adds three multiplayer modes and two versions of the eagerly awaited Arena mode. For the players it will be possible to compete with anyone around the world or start game sessions in company both physically and virtually with the Co-Located Arena.

Space Pirate Trainer DX introduces multiplayer Arena mode to Oculus Quest

With Space Pirate Trainer DX you can now take advantage three multiplayer modes, including two versions of the Arena mode. For the players there will be the possibility to confront anyone in any part of the world. Alternatively, it will be possible to start game sessions in company, both physically and virtually, thanks to the Co-Located Arena.

To deal with this new game mode you will need a fairly high physical space (at least 10 x 10 meters is recommended). Then there is the Versus mode which will kick off head to head online with the ability to increase the intensity of the game for one of the two players every time a droid is shot down.

For more details you can consult the Oculus official blog. Note that for those who have already purchased the base game, the DX upgrade is free. The title, on the other hand, can be purchased for all other users at a cost of 24.99 euros. The purchase can be made directly on the store Oculus.

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