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Space represents the new frontier of cybersecurity

The EU has urged member countries to adopt a common cybersecurity policy to protect companies in the space economy sector. This policy will see a collaboration between the public and private sectors to address cybersecurity problems in the most correct way. On these issues, Maurizio Desiderio, Country Manager Italy & Malta of F5pointed out some central elements to consider.

Space is the new frontier of cybersecurity

According to Maurizio Desiderio, the new space economy represents a new business also for hackers and not just for all the companies that have decided to invest in a sector destined to grow significantly in the near future.

To date, the space infrastructure has multiple access points (corporate networks, communications stations, orbiting satellites). If a hacker were to manage to deliver false information to a satellite, Desiderio points out, this event could result in an inter-space collision with considerable damage to major communication systems. globally.

Already today, space companies are prime targets for hackers. A audit conducted by NASA last year he identified over 6,000 cybersecurity incidents over the past four years. According to the agency, moreover, in recent years “attempts to steal critical information are increasing in both complexity and severity” and “the agency’s ability to detect, prevent and mitigate attacks is limited”.

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Europe is the protagonist

There is a positive aspect for the future of the industry highlights Desiderio. The companies operating in the aero-space sector, in fact, are strengthening their investments in cybersecurity. According to Desiderio’s point of view, for the next few years “the collaboration between public and private will be one of the most important keys to correctly address the problems of cybersecurity”.

The EU is also involved. The project was recently born EuroQCI project (Quantum Communication Infrastructure). This project aims to create an ultra-secure communication system between critical infrastructures and government institutions across the EU. The implementation of the project was entrusted by the European Commission to a consortium of French and Italian companies.

For the future, Europe is at the forefront with qu Almost 15 billion euros of investments until 2027 for the space program. Furthermore, according to Desire Italy “You cannot miss this appointment, and I believe that the collaboration between public and private and the commitment to a common security policy will be winning in order to fully grasp the potential for innovation and economic development of a secure space cyber economy”

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