SpaceX: ecco come seguire in diretta il lancio dei nuovi satelliti Starlink thumbnail

SpaceX: here’s how to follow the launch of the new Starlink satellites live

SpaceX prepares the launch of a new series of Starlink satellites which will enrich the orbiting constellation that allows, from the Earth, to exploit a satellite Internet connection. Today’s launch can be followed in live streaming or later reviewed calmly directly from the Starlink YouTube channel. Here are the details regarding the new launch scheduled today:

SpaceX prepares a new launch of Starlink satellites

The new launch of Starlink satellites by SpaceX is scheduled for today evening, at 19:15 Italian time. This is a new mission that will take you into orbit 49 new Starlink vehicles. The departure is scheduled from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, Florida. The event can be followed in live streaming or reviewed later on YouTube.

The new satellites will join the orbiting constellation it comprises already 1,800 satellites workti of SpaceX. The company’s goal is to go further 42 thousand satellites its constellation in order to simplify Internet access even in the most remote areas of the planet.

Several launches are planned for 2022 which will progressively enrich the constellation. This is an ambitious program that will lead to rapid growth of the Starlink network. New launches will be recorded in the coming weeks.

Live streaming

Below is the player for live streaming of the new SpaceX Starlink mission that will bring a new batch of satellites into orbit.

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