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Spatial audio arrives on Netflix (but only for some original content)

Spatial audio arrives on Netflix (but only for some original content) thumbnail

Netflix is pleased to announce the arrival of thespatial audio on the streaming platform, in collaboration with Sennheiser. Let’s find out all the details together.

Spatial audio arrives on Netflix

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Often the subtlety of sound goes unnoticed, but can have a profound impact on the atmosphere of a scene and change radically – and suddenly – the reaction of the public. Some of the most iconic moments in TV and film are defined by engaging moments created by sound. Without excellent sound design, the final fight scene of The Adam Project would that be just as thrilling? L’epic scene from Eddie Munson in Stranger Things 4 would it give life to ɐɹdosoʇʇos in the same way?

Netflix’s spatial audio helps translate the cinematic experience of immersive audio in any stereo, so that the work done by the creators to get users into the story happens independently from the device they are using to watch Netflix.

Spatial audio is now available across the Netflix catalog starting today. To listen to it, just type spatial audio (or spatial audio) in the search bar and select a show or a movie that supports it in the search results. Netflix has indeed stated that not all original products will support this feature.

This magical combination of sight and sound will bring viewers closer to history. The streaming giant is happy to be able to add this functionality to other features it supports such as the 4Kl’HDRil Dolby Atmos and the calibrated mode Netflix.

Offering the most to its customers has always been incredibly important to Netflix. For this reason, the streaming giant continues to focus on features that can exponentially improve the experience of its users. For more information, you can consult the Service center streaming service.

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