Spigen unveils iPhone 13 ahead of Apple’s announcement

Spigen svela iPhone 13 prima dell'annuncio di Apple thumbnail

The brand known for smartphone cases and accessories Spigen unveiled the design on iPhone 13 before Apple’s official announcement. The picture on the boxes of the covers for the new iPhone show what to expect from the launch on September 14th, also confirming the dimensions of the product.

Spigen shows iPhone 13 ahead of Apple’s official event

Spigen in recent years has established itself as one of the best smartphone case builders. From the thinnest covers to the rugged and ultra-resistant versions, have shown in the field that they know how to do it and always offer the cases of the best smartphones in circulation. Maybe this time they did it too early. This is their tweet, which reads: “This is how we are preparing at this week’s Apple event“.

It is an established practice for companies to share product design with accessory manufacturers in advance. This makes Spigen be ready to launch a large number of iPhone 13 covers on the market at product launch. A convenient thing for the company but also important for Apple, which can provide a more complete service to its customers simply by sending a prototype, even if it is not working, to those who produce covers. However, companies like Spigen do not usually publish the design of the smartphone in advance. ruining the surprise for fans.

That the base iPhone 13 had a 6.1-inch screen and had the two cameras placed diagonally on the back we have known this for some time. In addition, the cover confirms that the new iPhone will be compatible with charging wireless magnetica di MagSafe, which you can use with the Spigen cover.

We don’t know if this tweet is part of one shared marketing strategy with Apple itself. But it is certainly making people talk about the new smartphone and its cover. For all the juicier details we will have to wait for the announcement tomorrow, even if a lot of information has already leaked.

What is certain is that, if you want to buy the new iPhone, you will be sure that at least one cover available at launch will be there. Maybe even earlier.

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