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The world is stuck in a time loop and you are here to break it. No, the world is stuck in a time loop and you are here to hold it. No, the world is stuck in a time loop and you… you… you have to figure out what the hell is going on. This is also why you are in this review from Deathloop, but you still don’t know.

After months of waiting since its official announcement, the new IP of Arkane Studios e Bethesda comes with the insane energy that leaked out in the trailers that won us over. We are facing a FPS with RPG elements that will immerse you in a world full of twists, fascinating characters and full blast time loops. Take up arms, time travelers, for another loop is about to begin.

Our Deathloop review

In Deathloop we will take on the role of Colt about which, at the beginning of the game, we know nothing. In fact, we wake up on a beach without equipment and without memory. slowly, thanks to vague memories and advice that appear to us in the form of writings on the screen, we begin to remember little by little our name and where we are. Scenario of our trip is Blackreef, a mysterious island trapped by an equally mysterious time loop that forces all its inhabitants, including Colt, to relive the same day forever. Is the only possibility of escape from this hell to break the loop, find out what lies behind its nature and return to a “normal” life?

But between saying and doing, there are a thousand and more difficulties that have a face and a name. Our arch-enemy will in fact be Julianna, a ruthless assassin far more prepared and equipped than us who wants to protect the time loop at all costs. So between Colt and Julianna begins a challenge to the sound of blows, deceptions, digs, deaths and again, blows, deceptions, digs … forever?

Going forward with the story we will discover more and more of the evil that afflicts Blackreef and who brought it but above all we will discover more about Colt’s past and the relationship between Julianna and the other Visionaries. They are in fact Julianna’s army, members of a specialized team, the AEON Program, which wants to protect the Loop and will do everything to stop us. Fortunately for him, Colt has an incredible arsenal of weapons, skills and powers at his disposal to use against his enemies and get him closer and closer to his target, but beware, because the loop is around the corner and every day is the same. day, but always new.

Two hearts and a loop

Deathloop is structured in a more than original way. Each “level” (an understatement to call it this way but it helps us to understand) is divided into different sections that start and end in Colt’s hideout. Once we have reached the goal of the mission, we will enter a menu where we will be able to choose Colt’s equipment, its powers and see the clues we have discovered. It is in fact a real mystery to be solved which, day after day, will put in front of us threats but also clues that will slowly lead to its solution. In each session we will be able to explore the game area and discover new clues simply by exploring. We obviously have a main goal to achieve but choosing how to do it will be up to us alone.

As Arkane Studios taught us with the renowned Dishonored, the watchword, even in Deathloop, is Freedom. In fact, we will have dozens and dozens of ways, modes and approaches to the level and enemies that will depend only on our style of play. Do we want to move like the Ninja of time and not be discovered? Perfect! Do we want to loudly eliminate anyone who stands in front of us? Great! There are no wrong answers.

And if anything the decision taken will lead us to death, don’t worry, we are in a loop remember? That wrecked beach awaits us to start over and over again, but beware! With each death the equipment and the Tablets of the skills that we found will disappear, as well as will disappear every time the day ends. So be very careful and don’t get attached to any type of weaponry.

Colt Action Army

Speaking of weapons, Colt will have many types of pistols, shotguns, submachine guns, sniper rifles and much more available. Each weapon has a unique style and degree of rarity and it will be a pleasure to discover and use them all against enemies. The threats are many and scattered throughout Blackreach but on our side we will have the potential of this world that mixes technology with science fiction.

In addition to the “classic” firearms, we will in fact have the possibility of using the aforementioned tablets. These are devices capable of providing the player with incredible powers. These Tablets can be recovered by killing the Visionaries (again and again) and regaining their powers. We will be able to become invisible, teleport to short distances or catapult enemies to great distances.

Added to these are the Platelets, supernatural artifacts that modify the player’s abilities or weapons to add even more devastating effects. Platelets can help us with health, make bigger jumps or increase the magazine of our weapons or reduce their recoil. The possibilities are many, which one will you use to go on in your very personal Loop?

Breaking the Loop… or not!

Dethloop revolves around the characters of Colt and Julianna and all the others that will be added, but they are the real protagonists of the game. Although at opposite poles, the two characters are part of the same world locked in time, Colt wants to break the Loop, Julianna wants to protect it. The intentions of the two characters and their complicated relationships will be one of the mysteries to be solved, but in the meantime, hand to arms.

In fact, Julianna will try over and over again to stop Colt by entering the various game sequences and using her powers to stop him. It goes without saying that it will be the toughest enemy to eliminate. But great difficulties correspond to great rewards and it will be a pleasure to discover what power his body has bequeathed. Added to this are the hilarious sequences of dialogue between the two protagonists that will entice us more and more to delve into this temporal mystery.

The eternal struggle between Colt and Julianna spills over into Deathloop’s multiplayer mode where a player, playing Julianna, can enter the match of a random Colt (who opened his match online) and attempt to stop him at at all costs. It is an original and intriguing mode that, although not the main mode of the game, will give rise to no holds barred challenges.

The Deathloop review in a nutshell

Deathloop is one of the most original, fun and intriguing FPS in recent years. The similarities with Dishonored are many and obvious but given the incredible success of the saga and the success achieved among the press and the public, we can only be happy.

In the case of Deathloop, the characters, their personalities and the incredible world that was built on the time loop in which we are imprisoned have great importance. A tasty mystery to be solved accompanied by a disarming sense of humor and lots and lots of action.

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