Spin Master’s new League of Legends collection is here

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Spin Master launches its first collection of action figures League of Legends, made as a partner of Riot Games. The collection allows fans of the world’s most played PC MOBA to bring their favorite heroes to the real world as well.

Spin Master lancia le action figure di League of Legends

For years now, League of Legends has been a mainstay of Multiplayer Online Battle Arena and in general one of the most important video games ever. Around the apparently simple structure, with two teams facing each other to destroy the opponents’ base, there is a world of strategies and very specific roles. With over 150 samples to choose from to carry out unique battles, it lends itself very well both for those who want to have fun for a few moments and for the main eSports championships in the world.

Chris Beardall, President and Commercial Director of Spin Master, is aware of the importance of this game in the lives of many gamers around the world. “We are honored to launch our first League of Legends collection, offering fans their favorite action figure champions and bringing the excitement of this hugely popular game to toy stores. Our assortment of basic and collectible figurines offers innovation, meticulous attention to detail, and a new chance to collect League of Legends items for its many fans around the world, online and offline. And this is only the beginning.”

The figurines on the way

For autumn 2021, arrive:

  • 6 ” collectible figurines, carved and decorated, in high quality plastic and paint. They have a textured finish and 18 points of articulation. There are your favorite champions, like Thresh and Zed
  • Base statuettes of 10.16 cm, to accurately reflect the details of the game. Find a base and 12 points of joints. Among the many are Darius, Yasuo and Jinx
  • Pack of 5 basic statuettes of 10.16 cm, collected in an affordable pack of five. The pack includes Ekko, Caitlyn, Heimerdinger, Vi and an exclusive version of Jinx

Ashley MaidyRiot Games’ global head of consumer products explains, “Our mission is to make the experience of being a gamer a better one. To do so, we want to bring the beauty of the League of Legends universe to the real world through a variety of products, including toys and collectibles. We can’t wait for players to see the rest of the Spin Master collection in the coming months. ”

You can find the action figures in the best stores, more information on the Spin Master website.