Spirit the Great Adventure of Lucky: the game will be released in June

Spirit the Great Adventure of Lucky is the new game coming in June based on the events that will be told in the next DreamWorks Animation movie

Spirit the Great Adventure of Lucky will therefore arrive in Italy on June 17 this year and, apparently, it will be a much more suitable title for younger players and families. But once that said, it’s time to go see the trailer of this new title!

Let’s watch the trailer for Lucky’s Spirit the Great Adventure

Based on the upcoming DreamWorks Animation movie (which we can remember for The road to El Dorato, Hens on the run, Wallace & Gromit – The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, The 5 Legends, In Croods and the various chapters of sagas like Shrek, Madagascar e Dragon Trainer), here is the trailer for Spirit the Great Adventure of Lucky.

The title will therefore be available for PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One (only the digital version in Italy) e Digital PC and will allow fans of the brand to explore Viewpoint and its charming and relaxing rural surroundings.

Players will have fun with mini games and different challenges how to save endangered animals, help the people of the town, compete in horse races, take pictures of the beautiful nature and much more!

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