Splitgate: tips and tricks to improve

In this guide we will reveal many useful tricks and tips to improve in Splitgate, the hilarious FPS by 1047 Games

Splitgate is one first person shooter developed and published by the American software house 1047 Games. The title is currently enjoying great success and every day the servers are flooded with new players eager to try this FPS. Approaching such a title for the first time, however, is not easy at all and for this reason we have decided to write this guide, where you will find many useful tips and tricks to improve in Splitgate.

Get around the enemies with the portals

First we want to start our list of tips and tricks by talking about the most important mechanic of Splitgate: i portal. Novices often end up using this powerful ability solely to move faster, thus wasting much of its potential. The portals in fact manage to give the best of them when they are used for get around enemies. By placing an opening behind an opponent or above him in fact, you can eliminate it even before it realizes your presence.

Splitgate: tips and tricks to improve

Attack from the Shadows – Splitgate: Tips and Tricks for Improvement

In addition to positioning yourself behind enemies, portals can also be useful for attack them without being seen. In fact, the gates cannot be crossed only by the players, but even from bullets. This means that by placing two portals strategically you will have the possibility to shoot your opponents safely. The enemies in fact they cannot see through your doors, so it will be very difficult for them to be able to locate you. Be careful though, because even if they can’t see you opponents can still attack you through your own portals and they are even able to cross them.

Splitgate: tips and tricks to improve

Don’t stay still too long – Splitgate: tips and tricks to improve

Now that you know how to use Splitgate’s portals to attack you may be led to position yourself in a fixed point and wait for enemies to pass in front of your passages, but using too much advice and tricks of this type could be counterproductive. This game is indeed very fast-paced and standing still for too long you may end up with too few kills during the game. Furthermore, the spawn points of the players are random and consequently there is a high risk that over time some enemies be reborn behind your back and kill you with ease.

Splitgate: tips and tricks to improve

Close the portals! – Splitgate: tips and tricks to improve

As we have already told you in a previous paragraph of this list of tips and tricks, in Splitgate even enemies can cross your passages. This means that if you find yourself in a difficult situation and are trying to escape using the portals, enemies may still follow you or continue shooting at you. So remember to always close your portals when you are running away from danger.

Splitgate: tips and tricks to improve

Take advantage of EMPs – Splitgate: tips and tricks to improve

In Splitgate you will always have a couple of Garnet to throw at your enemies. However, these explosives won’t do any damage, but will instead serve a destroy the opponent’s portals. Often new players tend to hardly ever use EMP grenades and this is really a shame. For example, you could use them to eliminate a portal that the enemies are using to shoot you from a hidden place, or for block an injured player’s escape route.

Splitgate: tips and tricks to improve

Collect weapons – Splitgate: tips and tricks to improve

Depending on the mode you are playing your PC will start with certain weapons, but around the map you can also find others. In fact, generally in every arena there are pedestals that can generate new very powerful rifles after a set number of seconds. For this reason it is very important to keep in mind the location of these spawns and check them periodically to get hold of lethal tools of death like sniper rifles and plasma rifles.

Splitgate: tips and tricks to improve

Study the maps – Splitgate: tips and tricks to improve

As in any self-respecting competitive title, to be able to dominate in a match it is necessary have a good knowledge of the map. However, this aspect is even more important than usual in Splitgate since, in addition to the position of the weapons, it is also fundamental keep in mind where are the various walls on which to apply the portals. It usually takes a long time to learn the shape of a map, but luckily you can speed up the process thanks to the training mode. The workout corsa in fact it will allow you to quickly memorize the position of all the blue walls thanks to a fun timed minigame.

Splitgate: tips and tricks to improve

Swap weapons when needed – Splitgate: tips and tricks to improve

Splitgate weapons obviously need ammo to work and as a result you will often be forced to waste a few seconds to reload. Normally this short break is not a problem, but if it happens in the middle of a firefight it could be. Luckily in Splitgate it is possible to switch weapons very quickly and consequently in these situations it is always better switch to your secondary shotgun. Furthermore, this technique is also perfect for making the most of weapons with a long waiting time between shots, such as the shotgun.

Splitgate: tips and tricks to improve

Don’t neglect the jetpack – Splitgate: tips and tricks to improve

In this paragraph of our guide to Splitgate tips and tricks we will tell you about a very trivial element of the game but which is often overlooked: the jetpack. This useful tool allows you to fly upward for a short time and it can be exploited in several ways. For example the jetpack can help you reach some heights oppure a prolong your jumps to reach distant surfaces. If you want, however, you can also use it for prolong the thrust obtained when entering a portal placed upwards.

Splitgate: tips and tricks to improve

Complex portals – Splitgate: tips and tricks to improve

Finally we want to close this list of tips and tricks for Splitgate by talking to you about two techniques able to bring out the best from your doors. The first is the triple portal and consists of placing two passages, staying on the edge of the outgoing one and firing another one in a new position. This way you will reach otherwise inaccessible points quickly and easily.

The second technique instead consists in placing two portals, uno very high and one very low nearby. This way you can throw yourself into the portal below from a great height and take advantage of the moment to make you shoot forward at great speed. This technique is not applicable in all maps in the game, but it is very useful for moving quickly and catching enemies off guard.

Splitgate: tips and tricks to improve

That’s all!

This concludes our guide to tips and tricks for Splitgate. Now all you have to do is start the game and put our suggestions into practice immediately. However, if you want to know more about this particular FPS, we suggest you also take a look at the other guides coming to our site, such as the one for change weapon.

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