SpongeBob has been renewed for a fifteenth season

Gabriele Fava

SpongeBob SquarePants has been renewed for a fifteenth season, adding to its impressive 345 total episodes, proving its enduring popularity

The SpongeBob show has enjoyed immense success since its debut in 1999having won numerous prestigious awards, including Emmy e BAFTA. On the occasion of his next 25th anniversary in 2024SpongeBob SquarePants will continue to have a lasting impact on future generations, having already been renewed through at least the fifteenth season.

The Simpsons is one of those American series that will probably never end, as it is continually renewed for new seasons. But SpongeBob also seems to stand up to him, despite not being the only one: I’m also there to keep him company South Park, I Griffin e American Dad. As for the underwater animated series, it has been renewed for a fifteenth season by Nickelodeon, which will have 26 episodes and will probably debut in a few years, given that the fourteenth season has not yet been broadcast.

The fifteenth season of SpongeBob: the long-running show renewed

In fact it is still ongoing thirteenth season of the series, which began in 2020 and is expected to end this year. With the next two seasons, the series will surpass the milestone of 300 episodes and 25 years of broadcasting, practically becoming the longest-running children’s animated series in US TV history and the third longest-running American animated series overall. The first of the two titles is currently still held by Arthur, which was broadcast for 25 years and ended with 253 episodes.

The SpongeBob franchise is also getting bigger and bigger, as it already has a lot going on three films and two spin-off series (Kamp Coral and The Patrick Star Show) which debuted in recent years, as well as non-animated projects such as an acclaimed Broadway musical, video games, amusement park attractions and tons of gadgets. SpongeBob should have ended with the first film in 2004, according to the original vision of creator Stephen Hillenburg, who unfortunately passed away in 2018. However, the series will not end anytime soon, and even in 2019 one of the executives of Nickelodeon has stated that the series will remain in production as long as the channel exists.

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