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Spotify acquired Sonantic – the AI ​​used in Top Gun: Maverick

Spotify acquired Sonantic: the AI ​​used in Top Gun: Maverick thumbnail

Spotify decides to focus onaccessibility of its platform, acquiring today Sonantic. The latter is a strartup that uses artificial intelligence (AI) for transform a written text into audio. It became particularly popular for its use in the recent film Top Gun: Maverick, in which it was used to “give voice” to Val Kilmer, after the actor suffered the almost total loss of speech due to a tumor in the throat. .

How will Spotify implement Sonantic?

At the moment we do not know the details of the acquisition, but it is clear that the technology text-to-speech it could make the platform more efficient. According to Spotify’s statements, the acquisition has the “objective of involving new users and making them interact more with the service”.

Ansa reports that Sonantic’s AI could provide suggestions for new songs, artists and podcasts. A use that would come back useful for those who use the app in the background, while carrying out other activities. The question should not be underestimated accessibility for the blindwhich will thus be able to make better use of the platform.

Text-to-speech technologies are now common on numerous social platforms. Even on TechPrincess, in fact, you can decide to listen to our articles instead of reading them. To do this, click on the special icon in the shape of “play” that you find under the title under the heading “Listen to this article”.

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