Spotify aims to improve the quality of podcasts with Anchor

Spotify aims to improve the quality of podcasts with Anchor

Spotify aims to improve the quality of podcasts created with Anchor thumbnail

Spotify confirms its focus on the world of podcasts, announcing today that it intends to increase efforts to improve the audio quality of content. Just today the Swedish giant announced an update for Anchorapp for creating podcast content on iOS and Android.

L’update it will help creators make higher quality content thanks to a few taps on the screen.

Spotify: How Anchor Will Help Create Higher Quality Podcasts

The announcement comes via a post on the company’s official blog. In particular, there is talk of a feature called Podcast Audio Enhancement. This, with just one tap, would help podcasters reduce the background noise and level the various audio sources. According to the post, Podcast Audio Enhancement would allow you to create quality content even “in noisy bars, on the subway or with children crying in the background”. The post ends with a decidedly captivating claim: “With Audio Enhancement, the world is your studio”

Anchor by Spotify podcast

Currently Anchor is available for both iOS and Android. The company was bought by Spotify in 2019, during the period of full expansion of the platform. In recent years, the Swedish giant has stepped up its efforts towards podcast content, freeing itself from the label of “music streaming service”.

In one of our surveys (which you find here) we compared the quality of the various audio streaming platforms, reaching the conclusion that Spotify offers one of the worst audio quality on the square. The platform promised the introduction of a Hi-Fi plan, which would compete with the Lossless audio of Apple Music e Tidal.

Could this be a first step towards a leap in audio quality? We will only find out by steaming.

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