Spotify Blend, the playlist shared with friends

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Available from today Spotify Blend, the function that will allow you to test the compatibility of your musical tastes with those of your friends by creating one custom and shared playlist. Released in Beta in early June, the feature is now available to users around the world. And with the occasion Spotify has added new covers, “compatibility scores” and data stories that can be shared for each pair of listeners. But now let’s see in detail what it is.

Spotify Blend, the new feature of the Music Streaming App

The new Spotify Blend option will allow you to create shared playlists to test the musical compatibility you have with your friends. The operation is simple: it will be enough click on “Create a Blend“In” Create for you “on the smartphone, and then invite a friend to join the playlist. If you accept the invitation, the platform automatically creates a playlist with the songs you listen to most frequently. And if you want to share it with the rest of your company of friends, just click on “Share this story” at the bottom of your data story screen. But that is not all. The new Spotify feature, in fact, also boasts some other interesting details.

Among these, i affinity scores, which reveal the actual musical compatibility that exists between each pair of users who create a Blend playlist. In addition, the function will also allow you to find out which song represents your couple of friends the most, constantly adapting to the change in your listening. And then, as we have already anticipated, Spotify Blend gives you the possibility to share your musical tastes through the Stories on the different social channels. For the moment, from what we know, Olivia rodrigo is the most listened to artist on the Blend playlists in the last month, followed by Doja Cat, Taylor Swift, The Weeknd e Lil Nas X. But let’s wait to know which artists will be the most listened to on your shared playlist.

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