Spotify pays homage to the iconic Snake with the Mangiati Sta Playlist feature

Spotify omaggia l’iconico Snake con la funzionalità Mangiati Sta Playlist thumbnail

I know seven Subscribe to Spotify Premium and have an iOS device, you can discover a curious function hidden in the app. It’s about Eat this playlista nice variation of the classic game Snakebut with your favorite songs on Spotify.

How Mangiati Sta Playlist works: Spotify’s tribute to Snake

How does it work? Simple: choose a playlist and click on the three dots at the top right. Among the options, you will find Eat this playlist. By clicking it, you will start a game of Snake, where your snake will have to swallow the covers of the songs in the playlist. The snake that will form will therefore be composed of the artwork of the songs in the playlist.

Not only that: every time you eat one, lThe corresponding song will play in the background. Additionally, the game’s background will change color based on the dominant hue of the cover artwork.

This function it has no practical use, but it’s a fun pastime to share with friends. It is also a tribute to the Nokia 3310, the legendary cell phone that brought Snake into the world.

We remind you that this hidden functionality is available only from the mobile app, only from iOS and only for Premium subscribers.

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