Spotify purged thousands of AI-generated songs

Spotify ha eliminato migliaia di canzoni generate dall’intelligenza artificiale thumbnail

Artificial intelligence (Ai) is revolutionizing the music world, but not without controversy: these days Spotifyone of the most popular music streaming platforms, eliminated tens of thousands of AI-generated songs.

Many songs have been created by users using Boomy, a California startup that allows you to generate Ai music in minutes. At the basis of the maneuver is the denunciation of Universal Music Group (A G). The record major accused Boomy of copyright infringement, drawing on previously released songs to create “own original music”.

What is Boomy: the artificial intelligence whose songs are all the rage on Spotify

Boomy, launched in 2019, offers users the possibility to choose between different musical styles, thus creating personalized and “original” songs. We put the term in quotation marks because, to generate its own music, AI draws on a vast catalog of songs created by real-life authors and artists. Music which is therefore regularly covered by copyright.

According to Boomy its users have created more than 14 million songs so far. Spotify has admitted to deleting only a small fraction (about 7%) of songs created with Boomy.

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Last week Lucian Grainge, CEO of UMG, declared (via Il Sole 24 Ore) that “the recent and explosive development of generative artificial intelligence, if left unchecked, will increase the wave of unwanted content on platforms and create rights issues in relation to copyright law”. Even Daniel Ek, founder of Spotifyhe said he was amazed by the technology, going so far as to assert that he has “never seen anything like this in the history of technology”.

Meanwhile a British band recorded an instrumental album in the style Oasis and added, via AI, the voice of Liam Gallagher. The result is impressive. It is decidedly more cynical instead Nick Cave. The legendary singer-songwriter said he was very critical of AI, stating that “it has no soul, it’s just a dirty imitation of the human being”.