Spreaker launches the Prime program in Italy

Spreaker lancia in Italia il programma Prime thumbnail

The platform for podcasters made in Italy Spreaker launches the program for the first time in Italy Spreaker Prime, already successfully activated for two years in the United States. A way to give the opportunity to those who love podcasts of to gain with their own passion. But without diminishing autonomy in the creative and distribution phase.

Spreaker Prime, the program also arrives in Italy

To support podcasters also economically and not only technically, Spreaker has thought of a really interesting opportunity. In fact it allows you to insert announcements within your podcast without having to choose how to create and distribute your own content. This way you can make money without losing sight of what you really want to say.

Tonia Maffeo, Head of Marketing Voxnest, which owns Spreaker, explains: “In our country, between April and September 2021, we noticed on Spreaker how advertising revenues grew by 70%: a signal that, on the one hand, confirms that we too brands and media agencies are actually starting to invest regularly, and on the other hand demonstrates that Italy is finally ready to welcome the Prime Program. Our podcasters and our partners trust the technology we offer, they recognize us a leading role in the support we give and in the time we spend for each of them. “

The program in the United States generates every month 2 millions of dollars in revenues from podcast adv. The only thing the program provides exclusivity for is hosting. However, you can decide to distribute your audio content on any platform you wish. In addition to monetizing, with Spreaker Prime you can take advantage of the direct support from the Spreaker team.

To participate in the program you just have to publish with episode frequency of your podcast and have at least 5 thousand plays per month. If you have these numbers, you can start earning by applying on this page.