Spring: consumption and devices under control with AVM’s advice

Primavera: consumi e dispositivi sempre sotto controllo grazie ai consigli di AVM thumbnail

Managing a Smart Home in spring: now it’s possible thanks to AVM’s advice. From charging the batteries of scooters and electric bicycles to keeping the consumption and costs of all devices connected to the network under control, passing through personalized lighting and a Wi-Fi connection even in the garden. Let’s see how we can do all these things.

E-mobility: batteries always under control for maximum performance

Modern batteries in e-bikes and electric scooters have a longer life if they are not fully charged or completely discharged. The smart socket FRITZ!DECT 200 allows you to easily manage the charge of a battery so that it reaches a preset level and turns off once it is reached. Furthermore, by setting a schedule, users can also conveniently connect the battery in the evening and check the charging time: so it’s easy to keep costs and energy consumption under control at all times.

Perfect light in all situations
is the new intelligent LED lamp with colored and white light, supports the DECT ULE standard for Smart Home, is compatible with E27 sockets and can be easily integrated into the FRITZ! at the push of a button. FRITZ! DECT 500 can be operated in various ways: by setting a time program, via FRITZ! Fon or via FRITZ! OS (from version 7.20).

FRITZ! DECT 210: the smart socket for home and garden
The beautiful season is approaching! Barbecues and garden parties with friends and family will be even more fun thanks to FRITZ!DECT 210, the smart socket that extends the home network to the garden, so guests can access the Internet with their devices without any interruption. In addition, the special external protection of the socket protects against any splashes of water.

The Smart Home at your fingertips

Turn off the lamp in the living room? Adjust the studio lights? Or check if the electric bike battery is already charged? With FRITZ!App Smart Home it is easy to manage the devices connected to the network: a real control center for the Smart Home, both from home and remotely. In a moment you can have an overview of your devices and manage them wherever you are.