Square-Enix: rumor denied, no acquisition in sight

Square-Enix: rumor denied, no acquisition in sight

The rumor that saw Square-Enix in the crosshairs of potential buyers was found to be denied by the same company a few hours later

We were expecting a bit of tranquility as we headed towards the weekend, but the videogame information carousel threw us a rumor so shocking to be denied on the fly by the person concerned, in this case Square-Enix. In the past few hours, in fact, different possible buyers have set their sights on the historic RPG publisher, according to two “experts” CTFN cited in mentioning the recent Bloomberg Japan report. The response, from analysts and insiders of the gaming industry, was as timely as it was skeptical, and with good reason.

The rumor about Square-Enix and potential buyers

Mat Piscatella e l’insider Daniel Ahmad | these are just two of the many names that have tried their hand at figuring out what conclusion to draw from the rumor about the potential absorption of Square-Enix. Confidence, both in the veracity of the rumors and in the positive aspects of an acquisition, however, fell almost immediately. The denial came in the subsequent posts of one of the analysts in question, Shaun Musgrave, which was among the first to report the e-mail received in response from the historic publisher: for the moment, there are no big purchases in sight, despite the dreams of exclusivity of the three main communities on consoles.

Looking around, as the many participants in the tam tam who went crazy on the web in the past few hours have reminded us, is a legitimate habit for any publisher who wants to safeguard their interests. The role-playing giant is no exception, and the aforementioned Piscatella recalled that “rarely” financial castles in the air translate into something concrete in the videogame sector. The case of Zenimax and Microsoft is therefore more of an exception than the rule, but sudden thunderbolts from the blue like this are a reminder for us at always keep your eyes open.

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