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Sta per arrivare Maneater Apex Edition per PlayStation 4 e Xbox One

Get ready to take on the role of the most famous shark in videogames. In fact, the acclaimed ShaRkPG is about to return, this time in physical version with the Maneater Apex Edition, available from 30 September for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The title, developed by Deep Silvere and distributed by Tripwire Interactive, will include the Truth Quest DLC in addition to the base game.

Maneater Apex Edition will arrive on September 30, 2022

The game takes us to the depths of the seas, playing a ferocious and terrifying shark, in an open world RPG (which we could define as a ShaRkPG). The title provides the single player, in which we will start as a little baby shark intent on surviving the dangers of the sea. Crossing and progressing in the merciless marine food chain, we will become a huge and ruthless predator, the kind we hope never to meet on our beach holidays.

To grow up, however, our puppy and “docile” little fish with meat-plucking teeth, will have to find the right resources, perhaps biting into the numerous enemies that we will find along the way. Science says that human flesh is perfect for fast growth, especially that of gods fishermen hoping to serve us as lunch. Instead, they will become ours.

The Apex Edition also includes it DLC Truth Quest, which will take players to a brand new island off Port Clovis. New island means new evolutions, new challenges, never-before-seen wildlife and a mysterious conspiracy

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