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Stage Manager arrives on the iPad, but only the models with the M1 chip

Apple announced some major changes with iPadOS 16such as the arrival of Stage Manager: but the new management of multitasking comes only for iPad Pro e iPad Air con M1. According to Apple, it depends on the hardware limitations.

Stage Manager on iPad Pro and Air, but only those with M1

The new iPadOS 16 update takes an important novelty from macOS to bring it to the mobile world: Stage Manager. It is a system to manage the multitask more easily on iPad. Which on iPad brings the ability to resize windows. And not only that: quick access to apps, which are grouped according to the projects you are following. It also highlights the app you are working on by placing it in the center, but leaving the others visible from the side as well.

In short, a complete way to manage your workspace. One already works useful on the Mac and even revolutionary on the iPad. But it won’t arrive on all iPads, although you can now connect them to screens up to 6K resolution, making them full-fledged.the complete work tools.

Apple WWDC22 macOS Ventura Stage Manager novita min

Only the most recent iPad Pro e Air con chip M1 will be able to take advantage of the feature. DigitalTrends asked Apple the reason for this choice and the answer has to do with RAM memory management.

“According to the company, Stage Manager is limited to M1 chips mainly due to the new fast memory swap feature of iPadOS 16, which Stage Manager uses extensively. This function allows you to convert memory to RAM so that each app uses up to 16GB of memory. Since Stage Manager allows you to use up to 8 apps at the same time and because each app may require up to 16GB of memory, it requires a lot of resources. Hence, the new window management function requires the M1 chip to function smoothly ”.

However, 9to5Mac points out that there are several iPad models that use the memory swap feature, even without having access to the feature. iPadOS 16 is still in betaso perhaps there is room for maneuver to expand the use of this feature.

We will keep you posted.

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