Star Citizen: here’s what the Deadly Consequences update provides

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The new Star Citizen update introduces new gameplay mechanics, making the in-game experience more tactical.

The Star Citizen Update – Alpha 3.15: Deadly Consequences is here

The Cloud Imperium Games team announced today the release of the update Star Citizen – Alpha 3.15: Deadly Consequences. The update introduces a number of exciting new systems for gamers. These include new gameplay and gameplay mechanics, such as wound recovery and different inventory use. The changes will inevitably have consequences on the style of play, leading players to an even more tactical approach. The rewards have also improved, for what is a small revolution in the world of Star Citizen.

“On behalf of the entire development team, I am thrilled to release Alpha 3.15: Deadly Consequences. An update that adds new gameplay and vital content such as healing, looting and bombing, ”he said Chris Roberts, creative director of Star Citizen. “The news brings us closer and closer to our idea of ​​the game”

Key features of the Alpha 3.15: Deadly Consequences update include:

Player health system: Players can now be downed if they are injured, or they can be revived to return to battle. But be careful: if you are wounded and down, an NPC could finish the job. Killed players will leave their items behind on the ground, which can then be looted by opportunistic opponents. Injuries can also be caused to specific parts of the body, such as the head, torso and limbs. These affect the game until, and will limit the character until the injury is completely healed. For example, damage to the head can cause dizziness, while an injury to a limb will make aiming less accurate. Injuries can be of three degrees of severity.

Healing: Players can temporarily heal themselves and other players with a variety of new healing tools. These include the CuraLife medical pistol and the Healing Beam. The healing tools will also increase the level of medicine in the player’s blood. This can lead to unpleasant side effects, even death if the levels are too high. The addition of these new mechanics opens the door to new play styles.

Hospitals and medical beds: New hospitals can be set as respawn places after the player dies or be used to heal serious injuries.

Personal inventory: Players can now personally manage their equipment. Additionally, with the NikNax Asset Manager app, players can locate and track inventory previously tied to specific locations, vehicles, crates off-ship, and on their own person. With this update, the strategic approach becomes fundamental. The choice of weapons, equipment and the way forward are now discriminating characteristics in order not to be eliminated.

Dynamic loot: The new loot generation system dynamically proposes containers containing random loot. These can be spawned on the surface of a planet or at designated spawn points. With more rewards for pilots willing to take the risk of exploration.

New vehicles and bombers: The Origin 400i and the Crusader Hercules Starlifter A2 are just two of the new aircraft introduced.

New bombing mechanics: pilots will have more hi-tech solutions for targeting, while maintaining manual aim. Pilots will need to avoid dealing allied damage within blast radius and defend against ground turrets and anti-aircraft missiles.

Plus, with the introduction of new attack / defense missions, the game becomes more competitive than ever.