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Starfield: How to level up fast

In this guide dedicated to Starfield, the latest effort from Bethesda, we’re going to find out how to level up or level up quickly

We are in September and this, without detracting from the other upcoming games, is and will be the month of Starfield and, in all likelihood, we will continue to talk about Starfield even in the coming months if not even for the next few years. The latest effort from Bethesda is presented as a first-person, molded title sci-fi in which space exploration and the action component are accompanied by strong and consolidated dynamics GDR which make this title a true spiritual successor to games of the caliber of Fallout and The Elder Scrolls. Clearly, as a good RPG, a key element of the whole experience it will be the experience itself and accumulate it to “level”. In this guide we are going to find out how to level up fast in starfield and what are the most profitable activities in this sense.

Starfield: How to level up fast

Dolce far niente | Starfield: How to level up fast

Sleeping in a bed restores health and grants the “Well Rested” perk. Being well rested in Starfield gives a 10% XP bonus for 24 hours of play (based on universal time), so it’s a good idea to take a nap before setting off on a quest or taking on side quests, it will serve as a boost to your PC’s health but to level up quickly. You have a bed on your ship, in your room at the Constellation Lodge and, if you have the Kid Stuff trait, at your parents’ house in New Atlantis. Also, while not as effective as sleeping, drinking alien Boba tea will give you a modest XP boost: 2% for 15 real minutes.

Starfield: How to level up fast

Exploring always pays | Starfield: How to level up fast

Another way to level up quickly in Starfield, as in many other titles, is certainly to explore and discover new places and new areas. You get 20 XP each time you find a new location, be it a landmark, a settlement or a point of interest. The best way to manage exploration is to start from a landing point, such as a city or an outpost, and explore all nearby areas of interest.

Use the scanner to identify points of interest or unknown places on the horizon and place a marker on the surface map. Return to space and choose a landing spot close to your marker to reduce the time it takes to reach your destination. In this way they can be obtained 100 or more XP from your first visit to a planet, plus a few extras for arriving in space around the planet and its moons for the first time.

Starfield: How to level up fast

Respond to the right requests | Starfield: How to level up fast

Trade Commission requests are a solid way to earn credits, but also an easy way to find new locations. Most of these requests involve reaching a new position in space, which will earn you XP as well as landing and exploring (previous paragraph) the place where you just landed. You can usually get them give 60 to 100 XP with a simple size request. Don’t miss out on the chance to level up with these activities.

Starfield: How to level up fast

Complete missions | Starfield: How to level up fast

During your first visit to New Atlantis alone, good citizens – and bad ones – will hand you at least a dozen missions. The simplest quests, like trading a gem for a pot or finding a handful of biosensors, may not reward a ton of XP, but especially when you’re starting out, they stack up quickly. Longer or more challenging missions, on the other hand, they tend to give away a few hundred XP.

For example, completing the tour of New Homestead on Titan probably takes 10 or 15 minutes of walking slowly and listening to Bill Starsap talk, but you get 200 XP in the end. Some complex mission chains, such as the one from the Red Ribbon in Cydonia on Mars, open up several new missions and opportunities to earn XP.

Starfield: How to level up fast

Beware of Factions | Starfield: How to level up fast

Faction missions, in particular, are a guaranteed way to get at least 200 XP or more at a time (and lots of extra credits, too). You can start as soon as you land in New Atlantis by visiting the MAST HQ and joining the UC Vanguard. In our experience, the first few missions don’t have story-altering choices, so you can do them all without worrying that you won’t be able to complete other faction missions. Even the most in-depth faction missions they tend to last 30 minutes at mostso you get what you need pretty quickly, plus a nice deep dive into Starfield history.

Starfield: How to level up fast

Defeating Enemies | Starfield: How to level up fast

Another of the ways to level up quickly in Starfield is very simple but certainly effective: defeating enemies. Combat is one of the least efficient ways to gain XP, unless you’re facing off against large numbers of enemies. Gain 10 XP if you or a teammate defeats an enemywhich isn’t much if you’re invading an unsuspecting ship or a lonely outpost.

Constellation missions, however, put you up against a few dozen enemies, and if you spot an abandoned lab or mining outpost in a settled system or on a lonely moon, you can almost guarantee there will be a crew of spacers or pirates waiting for you. wait for you. If napping early, the Well-Rested perk can easily turn these feats into triple-digit XP gains.

Starfield: How to level up fast

Bon voyage to the sound of XP!

So, how to level up fast in starfield? In this guide, we have presented you with a series of solutions that you can adopt to level up quickly and earn XP. Let us know if you are hype for the game or if you are among those who have already started navigating the infinite universe recreated by Bethesda. We look forward to your comments! To stay updated on all the news from the gaming world and beyond, keep tuning in to Instead, to buy video games at a discounted price, take a look at the Kinguin catalogue.