Starfield: How to steal ships from their owners!

Lecce-Salernitana: dove vedere la partita?

“Words are no better than ships / scattered among star whirlpools”, so here’s how to steal Starfield’s pods from under their masters’ noses

More than mentioning the Nomads we should talk about piracy (yarrrr), since in Starfield it’s possible steal other people’s ships se si sa how to do. The art of boarding is both easier than you think, either less profitable. There’s no ship you can’t sneak into… or get out alive, if you don’t know how to fly it. And if so, why go to such lengths to get hold of something that you won’t need at that point? Well, you already know the answer if you’re here. And since the game provides you with easy banners to make your own right from the beginning of the adventure, we imagine there is no way to make you change your mind…

Seven passes for seven thefts | How to steal ships in Starfield

As you can guess from the title above, stealing the various ships in Starfield is a process that can be divided into seven steps. So how about consulting our bulleted list on the matter?

  • Found the aircraft you want to borrow and use targeting to explicitly target its engines. Yes, there is one to support plane crash prima.
  • Sneak in in (almost) your new vessel.
  • Fate a clean sweep of hostile NPCs on board.
  • Reach the cockpit and interact with the pilot seat to hijack the vehicle. Make sure the ship is not rank B or Cor otherwise please have reached the maximum piloting level in theskill tree.
  • If you can fly the ship, disconnect it from the previous craft and take it to a spaceport. Don’t worry about the shuttle being left behind, it will end up in your fleet right away.
  • Talk to technician of the spaceport and ask him to view your vehicles.
  • Select the appropriate option for to record (paying for) your new ship, officially making it yours.
  • Starfield: How to steal ships from their owners!

    Pros | How to steal ships in Starfield

    Well, talk about “pro” perhaps it is excessive, but it must be said that there is some positive side behind this entire procedure. Technically, shelling out your hard-earned cash to register a ship isn’t entirely vital to the theft, but if you want to do anything with the hoard of scrap metal other than mere interplanetary flight you’ll have to open your wallet. Sure, if you’re venal it’s a price to… pay, precisely, but stingy people can’t customize your spaceship until it is officially owned by them. And that you don’t think of selling it: you can’t, until… well, you should have understood the hint.

    Starfield: How to steal ships from their owners!

    Cons | How to steal ships in Starfield

    In case the unflattering terms with which we have described it are not clear enough, piracy is not a very profitable phenomenon. Registering a ship costs money, although the expenses can be compensated by cleaning it from top to bottom, before returning it to the spaceport and falling out of the pear tree. It goes without saying, then, that sometimes the ships are out of the player’s reach if it is not due ability to drive them around. Finally, as you will have realized from the boarding phase described above, that a ship parked on a planet becomes inviolable by default. Sin.

    Starfield: How to steal ships from their owners!

    More tips

    While you’re out stealing some new parts for your ship collection, keep in mind that the old one remains accessible (as we said before) from each spaceport by Starfield. Whether or not the autopilot is bringing it back is a mere technicality (remember the horses from Tears of the Kingdom?) that need not be thought of, unless your thirst for realism in video games has become insatiable between a game of Hideo Kojima and the other. Be that as it may, avoid getting unnecessary migraines and enjoy deep space, if the cosmic car showroom (or astrosalon?) is at the top of your priorities.

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