Starfield: Limited Edition Xbox Controller and Headset Available Now

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Ahead of the imminent launch of Bethesda Studios’ next-gen RPG comes the cuffie wireless and the Starfield limited edition Xbox controller. Two accessories inspired by the highly anticipated title set among the stars, with a space look and high performance.

The Starfield-themed wireless controller and headset is available now on the official Xbox site and at authorized retailers, including Microsoft Store. The design of these two special limited edition accessories is inspired by spaceships of the real world, with an unmistakable white color interspersed with bronze and red details. Designed to transport players into the cockpit of a real one galaxy explorer, the Starfield headset and wireless controller also deliver top-notch performance. Let’s see what are the characteristics of both products.

Cuffie wireless Xbox Starfield – Limited Edition

Starfield Limited Edition wireless headphones offer a Excellent audio and chat quality, with custom audio tones. The big ones ultra-soft earpads ensure a comfortable gaming experience and feature comfortable on-ear controls for all your exploration needs. L’archetto Constellation red and white stripes complete these superb headphones, along with the clear microphone boom.

cuffie wireless Starfield

Controller wireless Xbox Starfield – Limited Edition

The Starfield Limited Edition Wireless Controller features transparent triggers that reveal the bronze colored rumble engines. The side and rear grips resemble the panels of a spaceship, with the Xbox button punctuated by Constellation-inspired colors. Thanks to’battery life up to 40 hoursplayers will be able to explore the depths of space without interruption.

controller wireless Starfield

How to unlock Starfield dynamic wallpaper

The special dynamic wallpaper can be unlocked by connecting the Starfield Limited Edition controller or headset to the Xbox Series X|S console. To access just go to Settings in the console dashboard and choose Personalization from the General tab. Selecting “My background” opens the window of dynamic wallpaperswhere you can choose from many great looks to customize your Xbox experience.

More about Starfield and Limited Edition accessories

Limited Edition Starfield Wireless Controller and Headset for Xbox is available while stocks last. Both accessories are sold separately from the game, which will be released on September 6, 2023. To find out more, visit the dedicated section on the official Xbox website.

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