Starlink offers uncensored internet in Iran

Starlink offre internet senza censura in Iran thumbnail

Starlinkthe company of iElon Musk’s satellite internetactivated i own services in Iran. In this way, American private companies will be able to provide uncensored connections in the nation, shaken by the protests that have already caused over 40 deaths in recent days. But the problem remains of delivering the parables for receive the signal.

Starlink brings uncensored internet connection to Iran

Elon Musk had announced access to his satellite network for the Ukrainian population after the Russian invasion of the country. And in recent days the company has decided to do the same for Iran, shaken by the protests afterwards the killing of Mahsa Aminikilled by the police for not wearing the hijab correctly.

To try to quell the riots, especially in the Kurdistan area but spread throughout the country, the government reacted willingly. Causing several deaths among Protestants and Protestants. But he also “turned off” the internet, preventing access to social networks and messaging apps to organize events, as well as to various other sites.

The connection via Starlink satellite could give internet access to Iranian protesters. But they remain different logistic problems.

Hand in the dishes to receive the signal

Bring the Starlink connection in Ukraine had relatively few problems. The government of Kiev and Starlink have agreed on the delivery, and then distribute the antennas to receive the signal. The situation in Iran is different.

Already in recent weeks Musk had explained he could have brought Starlink to Iran or Cuba, if the United States had lifted the sanctions for American internet operators. But “Obviously, the Iranian government would not approve. We would need someone to buy the terminals and smuggle them to Iran. But they would take a risk because the government would not be happy with this ”.

Last Friday, the US government lifted the embargo on US telecommunications companies, which can now operate in Iran. And Sunday has arrived the announcement of the activation of Starlink’s service in Iran.

The US government says it is ready to provide additional licenses and services to ensure that the “Private sector help the Iranians to connect”. But bringing the parables to Iran to receive the signal would require collaboration with the Iranian government. Or take the devices to the contraband country.

Private companies and the US Department of State

Some experts in these hours speculate that the US government uses these agreements with the private sector for “Conceal” their intervention in the country, with CIA agents who are already delivering the parables to the demonstrators. But for obvious reasons, these speculations will never be officially confirmed and therefore it is impossible to understand if indeed that’s what’s going on.

Many commentators point out that Starlink has already been used twice this year to bring the internet to allies of the United States (or at least to oppose some of the historical rivals of the USA). Suggesting that the link between Elon Musk’s company and the State Department is deeper than it seems.

But all we can officially say is that Starlink’s network has arrived in Iran. And now “someone” needs to bring the receivers to the country in revolt. In the hope that can improve conditions for the Iranian population. We will keep you updated on the situation.