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Starlink: the connection now has a monthly data traffic limit

The Starlink satellite connectivity service now has a new limit. In the USA and Canada, in fact, Starlink now has an L.imitates monthly data traffic, exactly like many mobile phone offers. This limit is only applied under certain conditions. Users using Starlink will have to make do with 1 TB of data traffic per month.

There is a traffic limit for Starlink users

The news has arrived in these hours. For Starlink users in Canada and the USA there is now a limit of 1 TB of data traffic per month. The limit in question refers to the Fair Use Policy defined by the company and would be limited exclusively to domestic customers by Starlink. The limit also concerns the peak hours (from 7 to 23).

For users who have the Priority Accessexceeding this limit could result in a reduction of the service down to the level of Basic Access until the next renewal. To maintain priority access, by canceling the limit, it will be possible to activate a special option that provides for an additional cost of 0.25 dollars for each additional gig of data traffic.

At the moment, there is no information regarding the arrival of a system of this type also in Italy where, as you can read below, the Starlink service is now cheaper.

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