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State of Play: Recap of all February 2023 announcements

Not only N: Sony also has its say with many announcements, and we have collected them all in the February 2023 State of Play recap

Don’t pay attention to the gaming faith of whoever is writing these words to you: in this world every voice counts and that is why, after a quick change of tunic, we are here to summarize all ads of the State of Play with which Sony also wanted to make February 2023 a month to remember. After all, the Big N has taught how to make its catchment area part of the hype. For our part, we wanted to collect each of the news, but if you missed the presentation and/or want to (re-)see everything in the right order, we are here to serve you!

The Foglands – All February 2023 State of Play Announcements

State of Play February 2023 starts strong with a trailer for The Foglands. The stylish presentation briefly delves into the PSVR2 landscape with a quick rundown, before promising that much of the “2023 live premiere” will be dedicated to Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. However, the first title for the Sony home device is its own The Foglands, a shooter that combines the delusional aesthetics of Dia de Los Muertos with the story of two accomplices. The dealer, before leaving us to the gameplay, warns us: better to forget the nostalgic sentimentality and focus on the action.

Green Hell VR – All February 2023 State of Play Announcements

While it’s only the next game to be developed by the creators of Far Cry VR themselves, the title concerned now also has a lot to do with the Ubisoft franchise. Well, sort of. In the tropical jungle of Green Hell VR, we will have to survive in the belligerent nature of the islands where the game is set. Within this shooter, however, there are also dream sequences with decidedly brighter colors… and in disagreement with each other. It must be said that Sony has learned from one of its most frequent criticisms: there was no trace of 2024 in the entire presentation. That’s right, the game is out this year!

Synapse – All February 2023 State of Play Announcements

As we announced, the nDreams development team (to whom we owe Far Cry VR) gives us a decidedly over the top first-person shooter. On paper, the art style is as dark as usual for a cobalt-tinged platform title: white, black, and the occasional hint of other colors. However, it’s the action that rules: part of the reason why the game oozes style from every pore is the kinetic manipulation that is so reminiscent of Control. And, although without precise dates, also for Synapse should at least be guaranteed 2023 as a launch window.

Journey to Foundation – All February 2023 State of Play Announcements

“This is great stuff for anyone who chews on Asimov / doesn’t trade money for Kalashnikovs.” Who knows what Caparezza would say if he knew that the writer’s dystopian imagery would come to life right on PSVR2. Indeed, Archiact adapts the world of novels in which we will have to choose whether to fight for “a dying empire” or project ourselves into the future. Seeing this future come to life is not just a mere understatement: on the contrary, we too can imagine everything more clearly. Journey to Foundationon the other hand, promises something more definite: autumn 2023 as a launch window.

Before Your Eyes – All February 2023 State of Play Announcements

To conclude (with all due respect to our wallets) the PSVR2 section is a game that has depopulated among critics across the Channel. A world of anthropomorphic animals and humans, painted with a pleasant use of cel-shading, represents the afterlife in Before Your Eyes. The fox who will act as our spirit guide doesn’t leave much room for the imagination: just blink your eyes to find yourself catapulted into the future… and thus lose precious moments. After showing off the myriad of BAFTA awards that the game has been able to win, the trailer ends with the first certain date of the presentation: the March 10, 2023.

Destiny 2: The Eclipse – All February 2023 State of Play Announcements

And how to open the part dedicated to more conventional gaming, if not with a few words from the latest Sony purchase? Although the Bungie-branded DLC comes out next week, Destiny 2: The Eclipse it only comes with a cryptic trailer richer in story than in gameplay. In the cinematic video, recorded for some reason with the PC version, we are reminded that the story of this new campaign revolves around the mysterious “witness”. The fear of change is a main theme, as well as “our end”, which “begins”. A good use of the present tense, as the release is scheduled for the February 28th.

Tchia – All February 2023 State of Play Announcements

It would be fun to be cynical enough to answer “cheers!”, but the truth is that Bye it really won us over. The title of Awaceb presents us with an adorable little island girl, with a trailer full of culture and accompanied by a delightful choir. In addition to the harmony between the protagonist and nature, exploration promises to be the fulcrum of the entire experience. With a leaf as a parachute, which we’d swear we’ve seen before… the game, “inspired by New Caledonia”, is scheduled for March 21, 2023, which the trailer saw fit to write in the sand before a wave washed away the date. But why?

PS Plus – All February 2023 State of Play Announcements

We’ve been galloping our fingers as best we can to round up all the newest of PS Plus, but perhaps the symbolic choice of writing Tchia’s release date in the sand was a brief anticipation of this. The game is indeed included for subscribers, along with a roundup that left as quickly as it arrived. In case you need a list, the wide range of titles placed on the tray for subscribers includes Battlefield 2042, Minecraft Dungeons, CodeVein, Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six, Ghostwire: Tokyo and finally, the aforementioned Tchia . And it’s not just about this that there’s something to make a fuss about…

Humanity – All February 2023 State of Play Announcements

When the premise is to have a game by Enhance in your hands, whose portfolio boasts Tetris Effect and even Rez, there is already enough to salivate. The puzzle game Humanity puts us in the furry shoes of a dog, with a low-poly art style that we really adored from the first moment. And as the title says… we will have to lead a “flock” of humans to safety. The level design, complementing the art direction, is minimalistic and abstract, and the full game promises a level editor with sharing features. Wait a minute, “full game”? Exact: demo shadow drop (“limited time”) today on PS5 and PS4!

Goodbye Volcano High – All February 2023 State of Play Announcements

From the KO-OP development team comes a story that talks about young people, hopes and, why not, even the apocalypse. Part of the gameplay in Goodbye Volcano High it’s pure rhythm game, but that’s not all. The cutscenes already showcase a slice-of-life narrative in which the stories of the various anthropomorphic kids/monsters intersect between their dramas, complete with dialogue trees, appropriate logo creation and social elements. network. You will be able to try everything firsthand when the title in question makes its return, or the June 15 of this year.

Naruto X Boruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections – All February 2023 State of Play Announcements

Not even twenty-four hours ago, we recalled that Bandai Namco usually deals with licensed titles. The peculiarity of the latter is that, if they are loved, they cause a stir when and if they return. So imagine our surprise to learn that Naruto X Boruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections it is not just a collection of the various Cyberconnect2 Storms, but a true fusion of all the titles with which to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Masashi Kishimoto’s manga. After an avalanche of quotes taken out of context, the trailer concludes by announcing the arrival of new characters, such as two brothers involved in a certain clash…

Baldur’s Gate III – All February 2023 State of Play Announcements

Well, a comeback like that could have worked as the final bombshell. Nonetheless, thanks to Larian Studios the Souls-like (or rather, almost Souls-like) atmospheres of Baldur’s Gate III. As always, strategy alone isn’t enough in this RPG: you also need to get a kiss from lady luck (not to put it in worse terms) and make a lucky roll of the dice. The adventure will see us face the sorcerer Ketheric, keeper of a secret. But unlike him, we will have allies to back us up. And we will need it, when we say goodbye to the summer holidays with the game. August 31, 2023.

Wayfinder – All February 2023 State of Play Announcements

It won’t be an exclusive, but you know, in the case of Sony, exclusivity can also be invented. It reminds us Wayfinder, the multiplayer adventure set in the world of Evenor in which we will be able to “control the chaos” with our friends. In this fantasy world, you fight as much with swords as with firearms. Skylight will be the central hub from which we will start the adventure in the various dungeons, the “lost areas”, in which to hunt down the bosses and the greedy loot they hide. We can go titan-slaying with one beta expected on February 28th… which, unlike the full game, will be only on Sony platforms.

Street Fighter 6 – All February 2023 State of Play Announcements

Two veterans and a new face walk in Street Fighter 6but it’s anything but a joke. In the first of the “two anticipated games of Capcom” we see the return of him Zangief, the powerful Russian who has not lost his enamel and his brutality in combat. The new face is that of the Native American (we assume)…