State of Play: Returnal accoglie l’update co-op Ascension

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Housemarque’s successful title Returnal will be updating shortly via the free Ascension update, which will introduce co-op and a survival mode

If you haven’t had enough of yet Returnal, the exclusive PS5 made by the guys of Housemarque, in a few days you will have many good reasons to return to die (and die) on Atropos. In fact, during the State of Play last night, the imminent arrival of theupdate 3.0 of the shooter, called Ascensionwhich will introduce some interesting news within the lethal adventure of Selene.

State of Play: Returna embraces co-op thanks to the Ascension update

Ascension will be officially available to all title holders Housebrandin shape completely freefrom next March 22ndthe day it will be released l’update 3.0. The most interesting introduction is certainly linked to the implementation of the cooperative mode within the campaign game, but also the Sisyphus Tower we are sure that it will be able to attract the attention of the players: it is a survival modeset inside a tower with numerous floors to climb.

In order to access the tower in question, the players of Returnal they will have installed Ascensionthey will have to first recover the Icarian Grapnel. Once this is done, they will be able to attempt the climb, which will be characterized by various phases, each divided into 20 floors, in which the objective will be to kill all the enemies in the game area. Obviously during the game we will recover various weapons (among which it seems there will also be new entries), and as in the main game, death will force us to start all over from the beginning. It also appears that they will also be introduced new kinematics related to history, in addition to new bosses. Unfortunately, co-op will not be available for the House, Tower of Sisyphus and Challenge Mode sequences.

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