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Super telephoto RF, Canon lengthens the pace

2022 marks the 35th anniversary of Canon’s EOS system. Two long-awaited super telephoto RF optics were recently presented.

When it comes to this kind of optics, the question of price comes quite early. We are talking about figures between 20 and 24 thousand euros, in line with this kind of objectives.

The two new RF super telephoto lenses extend the catalog of professional long focal lengths ; at the time the limit was up to 600mm with the RF 600mm F4L IS USM. Newcomers cover the focal length of 800 and 1200mm. To be honest it must be said that the Canon catalog for RF lenses already covers the focal length of 800mm with a different kind of telephoto: the RF 800mm f11 IS STM, a much cheaper and much less bright lens that leverages the great sensitivity of the EOS R cameras.

Canon RF 800mm F5.6L IS USM

Compared to the 600mm version, the diaphragm drops by one stop, so the maximum brightness is f5.6, a significant value in any case for the focal length involved. The stabilization promises to compensate up to 4.5 stops but it is clear that this kind of optics can only be used with a (sturdy) tripod. Perhaps the most daring can attempt shooting with a monopod and rely on the stabilizer for a sharp shot.

RF super tele 800

The management of the diaphragm, a curious fact, reaches the precision of 1/8 of stops compared to traditional thirds of stops. The weight is contained, just over 3Kg

Canon RF 1200mm F8 L IS USM

The maximum extension of the super telephoto RF optics reaches 1200mm. The brightness stands at f8 and shares, together with the whole RF super telephoto line, a thermo-insulating coating to compensate for the expansion of the structure when the ambient temperature rises.

RF super tele 1200

Another common feature is the 52mm filter slot. In the catalog there is a circular polarizer and a support for jellies. The weight is 3.1 kg, which is also very light.

Super telephoto RF, the importance of the focal doubler

Professionals who work with this kind of optics have need for even longer focal lengths; you get the result with the Extender. It is a small group of lenses that are interposed between the camera and the telephoto lens.

There are two add-ons in the Canon catalog: Extender RF 1.4x and 2x. The new focal lengths obtained are these:

  • 1.4x Extender + RF 800 : 1120mm f8
  • 2x Extender + RF 800 : 1600mm f11
  • 1.4x Extender+ RF 1200 : 1680mm f11
  • 2x Extender+ RF 1200 : 2400mm f16

The laws of optics also apply to super-telephoto RF: with the extension of the focal length, the diaphragm is reduced.

For the prices it is precisely € 20899.99 for the RF 800 and € 24549.99 for the RF 1200. The optics will be available later in the year. Professional prices but they are optics that can be found in rental services when they are needed.