Steam Deck: revealed the official packaging, here are the images

Steam Deck sarà compatibile con Windows 11: Valve conferma thumbnail

Valve just revealed the packaging final of Steam Deck, in anticipation of the final launch of the laptop in 2022. Along with the images of the package, photos have also been shown that reveal how the Steam Deck will be placed in the box, complete with a case in which we can bring it back to take it with us on our travels more easily.

Steam Deck: here is the definitive package

Valve also took the opportunity to confirm that they completed the final prototype of Steam Deck before production and, net of some small changes that will be made to the final product, the console is already starting to be distributed to developers. Good news then, which highlights how work on the portable device is well underway.

We remind you in this regard that originally Steam Deck this should have come out December, but due to limited raw materials Valve has decided to postpone the launch until February 2022. An understandable choice, if we consider the semiconductor crisis that still afflicts the entire world of technology and that was triggered by the pandemic.

Steam Deck is in effect a PC in the guise of a portable console and, as such, it will not have exclusives, as Valve has already taken care to point out. Despite this, the company is still working on some products that can better adapt to the Steam Deck control scheme, such as Citadel, an alleged new title that should draw inspiration from Half Life.