Steelrising: beta available for those who pre-ordered the game

Steelrising: la beta è disponibile per chi ha prenotato il gioco thumbnail

Il new Steelrising is available in beta for all players who have already pre-ordered the game. The title will be available shortly but those who have made the pre-order already have the opportunity to try the title in preview with the beta that will allow you to discover the first part of the game. Here are all the details on the new game that promises to become one of the most interesting releases of the month of September.

Steelrising is available in beta pending the official debut

The new Steelrising will be available starting next 8 of September but it is already playable in beta for all users who have made the pre-order. In particular, the beta will make available the first two levels of the game, Saint Cloud and Les Invalides.

There will be a chance for players to try out various builds, test weapons and find their preferred play style. Recall that the title stages an alternative version of French history by imagining what would have happened if King Louis XVI had had an army of automatons to quell the insurrection.

The game is coming up PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S and Series X as well as on PC. The date to be marked on the calendar is 8 September. The title can be booked in physical version from the box below: