Stories will no longer be available on YouTube

Le Stories non saranno più disponibili su YouTube thumbnail

YouTube has announced that it will remove the feature of Storieswhich allowed you to create temporary posts to users with over 10 thousand users. From June 26 onwards, users will no longer be able to publish stories and those already present will disappear after seven days.

YouTube says goodbye to Stories

YouTube had thrown the Stories in 2017 under the name of Reels and were reserved for users with more than 10,000 subscribers. As on Instagram (which in turn was inspired by Snapchat), the YouTube stories didn’t last long and they served the creators for share updates or extra content to promote your channel. However, today it seems that this function has not been very successful: access was limited, few creators used the stories regularly. But most of all, YouTube didn’t highlight them.

So the Stories will go by the wayside starting June 26th. Although perhaps many users who use the platform from time to time will hardly miss this option, so popular on social media.

Le alternative, from post e Shorts

Without Stories, YouTube encourages creators to use other features of the platform: community posts and Shorts. The company recently extended the ability to create community posts, which they are text-based updates, and added the option to have them expire after a certain period.

Creators can also publish polls, quizzes, pictures and videos as community postswhich appear in a tab on channels.

The Shorts are instead short and vertical videos which can be created with the YouTube app or uploaded from other devices. YouTube has capitalized on the success of short videos to launch its Shorts platform, which competes with TikTok. And it has also incentivized traditional video creators to produce shorter, more dynamic content. In February, YouTube announced a new monetization plan for Shortsbased on video ad revenue.

And the results are there: it seems that the Shorts are having success. Someone, more cynical, could sum it up by saying that YouTube has not been successful in copying Snapchat with Stories, but copying TikTok with Shorts seems to work better. But the reality is that, now that we have thehabit of enjoying videos vertically and with short times (between Instagram Reels and TikTok), Shorts feel more natural – while remaining in keeping with YouTube’s nature as a streaming platform.

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