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Stray: where to find all the pins

In this guide, we’ll show you where to find all the badges featured in Dying Light 2, the critically acclaimed new title of the month!

Stray is full of unique items to find and collect but one of the loveliest items you can find are definitely the play. During your adventure you can use them on your cat’s coat for embellish it with a unique style. Surely it will be useful to know where to find all the pins in Stray and in this guide we will help you find them all to complete your collection. Stray, developed by BlueTwelve and published by Annapurna is currently available for PC, PS4 and PS5. If you want to get a clearer idea of ​​what to expect from this game, we recommend that you retrieve our review about it.

Collect them all to be the most stylish cat ever!

Going back to the guide, one of the main ways to get them will be by completing missions and activities obtained from robots. The first badge is already given to you as part of the story and the rest will be up to you to find them. Don’t worry if you miss one on your adventure because you can safely go back and find it by selecting the desired chapter of the game. In total they are present said play to get in Stray scattered throughout the game’s chapters and it’s time to continue with our guide to find out where to find all six badges.

First part – Stray: where to find all the pins

Let’s start the list with the first positions of the pins to find:

Location of the musical pin:
The musical pin can be found by obtaining all the musical scores and delivering them to Morusque to make them play. This can be done by looking at our guide to Stray sheet music locations which has them all detailed.

Position of the outer pin:
The next badge can be found after Seamus opens the gate out of town for you. This is a moment of history, then it is impossible not to see it. The only pin in the Antvillage can be found by completing the Gardener’s quest.

Location of the plant pin badge:
Talk to her and she will tell you to find three flowers. The yellow one is near the bar, the purple one is on a tree branch on the lower level, while the last one can be found by jumping into a bucket by mahjong players and jumping on the small island.

Second part – Stray: where to find all the pins

Finally we conclude the list with the second part of the positions of the pins to be found:

Location of the cat brooch:
The cat brooch can be found in Midtown. At the beginning of the street, you will see a man talking along with a shopkeeper holding a green sign. He enters his shop and looks for the safe code on the wall: 8542. Jump on the shelves of this shop to find the safe. Open it to get the badge.

Location of the police pin:
The police badge is one of the hardest to find. Head to the clothing store and go down the alley to the right of the building. You will be able to climb a large series of roofs and ventilation boxes by hopping on a workbench first. Once on top, look for a barred window at the end of the alley. Although the passage is very small and narrow, you can go through it and take the badge from the robot.

Location of the Neco brooch:
The Neco brooch is located inside the factory. You will encounter a robot looking for its key over the edge of the platform. Proceed until you have to hide behind moving objects to avoid the Sentinels. As you jump on the barrels to continue the adventure you will see a small pile of garbage. The keys to the robot are right there. Bring them back to him using the object shadows once more and you will get the final badge.

Let the four-legged hunt begin!

Here ends our guide on where to find all the badges in Stray. You just have to start the game and follow our instructions to start the search for spillette perdute! Let us know in the comments what you think of this guide, if you found it useful, stay on our website for further updates on the world of video games, and don’t miss out on games at discounted prices on the Instant Gaming store.

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