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Stray: where to find all the scores

The new title of BlueTwelve Studio has already conquered everyone and these days we are talking about nothing else. In this Stray guide we will show you where to find all the scores for the Morusque quest

Available from the day of July 19the new title developed by BlueTwelve and published by Annapurna has conquered players and critics to the sound of meows, you can however make a your idea about the game by taking a look at our review. The development team has built around its already famous kitty, an incredible atmosphere and credible with settings, characters and soundtrack to remember, and we in this one guide by Stray we will go to show you where to find all the scores for one quest in particular.

A cat, a deadly bacterium and droids

If you’ve already started Stray, you know the story takes place in a world where humanity has been exterminated from this lethal bacterium called Zurg and after humanity the virus also points to the rest of the world now populated by droids, among these there is above all the one who will be the faithful companion of the protagonist, B-12. But not only will he arrive in the presence of our kitten, but we will be able to get to know other personalities of this world, such as that of Morque.

Morusque is a friendly musician that we will meet after reaching the slums, but despite having a guitar he has never played a song and therefore it will be up to us, assisted by the unfailing help of B-12, to help him. The help is to go around the map and find scores that after being given to our guitarist, he can instantly learn by performing in front of us with a little melody, which the protagonist can meow in turn. In this Stray guide, we’ll go right to indicate where to find all otto sheet music needed for the fulfillment of the Morusque quest.

The first – Stray: where to find all the scores

This guide for where to find all Stray scores starts with the first one we can deliver. We can find this in Momo’s apartment, in the bathroom to the left of the kitchen, go through the bars at the bottom of the door and jump on rack to find it.

The second – Stray: where to find all the scores

The second score that Morusque needs, is found at left of Clementine’s apartment as soon as you step out the window. To find it you have to jump on the pipe and keep left before climbing up, and we will find what we are looking for on table in the balcony of the apartment.

The third – Stray: where to find all the scores

While as regards the third document to be found we must go to lower floor of Elliot’s house. Going through the front door and turning around, we will be able to notice it posted to the droid painting on the wall.

The fourth – Stray: where to find all the scores

Our Stray guide on where to find all the scores continues with the fourth stop, a tad more elaborate. To get the quarto score we will have to take a can of energy drink from one of the vending machines (one is right in front of Morusque) e barter it with the cowboy merchant Azooz, who in return will give us exactly what we are looking for.

The fifth – Stray: where to find all the scores

The fifth stage of the research takes us to the higher level of Dufer Baron a stand table in front of the pool table. To get it, go a little further throw remove all the billiard balls and make the fifth score yours.

The sixth – Stray: where to find all the scores

This score can be found at Clementine’s apartment, along with his notebook. To get it we will have to jump through a hole in the sliding doors and look to our right, where we can see a bed and a bookcase, what we are looking for is in the bookshelf.

The seventh – Stray: where to find all the scores

The penultimate document is found in Doc’s apartment, near the safe that also contains his notebook. To get it we will have to jump on the floor next to the inactive robot holding a book, we will find what we need affixed to the instrument.

The eighth – Stray: where to find all the scores

The last stop of this Stray’s guide on where to find all the scores ends with the most difficult to obtain. To the right of Morusque, behind the cornerthere is a locked safe with an incomprehensible note except for Elliot, who can translate it. After taking the note to Elliot he will translate it indicating the Dufer Bar as the next destination. Downstairs in the bar, to the left of the barman, there is one photo and interacting with it we will get a code: 1283. By entering the code in the initial safe we will finally get the last score that Morusque needs.

Music master!

After delivering all the scores to Morusque he will play for us one last time and our protagonist can then meow the melody made by our musician droid. Finally we will also unlock the trophy Miaolodiauseful to get to the coveted platinum of the game. We hope this Stray guide on where to find all the scores has served you. Have you started Stray yet? Are you already looking for sheet music? Or are you focusing on other aspects of the game? Let us know below in the comments!

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