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Streaming outstrips cable TV in the number of viewers in the US

Streaming TV is increasingly a reference and surpasses cable TV in the US for viewers. This is a historic overtaking recorded during the month of July and which takes into account an analysis carried out by Nielsen. Here are the details that emerged from the investigation:

Cable TV was overtaken by streaming TV in July 2022 in the US

According to the survey data published in these hours, streaming TV garnered 34.8% of views. Compared to July of last year there is a significant increase for streaming TV which grows by 23%.

It should be noted, however, that the Cable TVa real reference in the American market, records the 34.4% of the spectators. Third position for the Broadcast segment which stops at 21.6%. This is a real historical overtaking for the American market which certifies the importance of streaming for television entertainment.

As for streaming TV viewers, the go-to service is always Netflix With the‘8% of the total audience. Second position for YouTubewhich includes the very popular YouTube TV service in the US, with the 7,3%. Third position for Hulu with 3.6%. Previously Prime Video, Disney + and HBO Max. The survey results are summarized by the graph below:

Nielsen July The Gauge

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