Street Fighter 6, here is the trailer for the State of Play

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Allo State of Play Sony showed the new trailer of Street Fighter 6, which will arrive for PS4, PS5, Xbox X | S and PC in 2023. The trailer shows us Luke’s training and some glimpses of gameplay of the new chapter of the historical saga of Capcom.

Street Fighter 6, the new trailer shows flashes of gameplay

After the very first presentation a few ago, Street Fighter 6 shows itself more extensively at Sony’s June 2 State of Play. Capcom has announced that the game will be coming up PS4 and PS5, but also on PC come on Xbox X|S (but not on the older generation Xbox).

There are many new features, such as the RE Engine to show a more photorealistic look of the characters. But Luke, Ryu e ChunLi they return to fight, albeit with a new look. There will also be room for some new entries such as Jamiewhich incorporates into his fighting style of drunk boxing, breakdancing and a special drink that unleashes one’s ki.

The new chapter will have commentary for the first time, like Capcom which explains: “We are collaborating with the most well-known commentators FGC (Fight Game Community) and other characters known to insert their voices directly into the game ”. The commentary will be in English but there will be subtitles in 13 languages.

In addition, the modalities will come World Tour e Battle Hub. The first introduces a story mode in which to use your own custom avatar. While the Battle Hub will be a waiting room for online matches, to create an even more cohesive community around the fighting game.

The expected launch date for the moment is a generic “2023”. But Street Fighter 6 is about to arrive and fans of the saga can’t wait.

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