Street Fighter 6: tips and tricks to get started

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Street Fighter 6 is a pretty big world (of beatings): you’ll want to follow our advice (and/or tricks) to survive

As you may recall from Kinguin’s recent offering, Street Fighter 6 is almost upon us and, if you know us properly, you should know what it means: tricks e advice for everyone! Now, we know what you’re wondering: will you find a guide on every single aspect of the game here, like we did with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? Absolutely not (for now). But we will be able to help you with the combo? This is already more doable, especially if you start from scratch. As a fan of fighting games which (we assume) you are, you might think of juggling combos like in Mortal Kombat, Injustice or Tekken 7. And this may prove to be enough to find Chun-Li’s imprint on your rear. Each fighting game is unique, and with the introduction of back buttons for heavy attacks you may find yourself confused. And that’s where we come in, right?

“Read the damn manual” | Street Fighter 6 tips and tricks

It may sound obvious, but “Read the freaking manual” (read: follow i tutorial and take advantage of the training mode) can prove to be the most valuable of our advice, because in the absence of real “tricks” Street Fighter 6 must first be studied properly. There are tutorials for each character and just as many for the multiple combos it is able to offer. And unlike good ol’ Ryu and friend Ken Masters in Smash, their own game features a lot to learn. Similarly, the training mode allows you to slap a CPU opponent at will, which can make learning much easier. We also advise you not to rush, as…

Street Fighter 6: tips and tricks to get started

Games with the shortest combos | Street Fighter 6 tips and tricks

Seriously, don’t expect to be able to juggle Blanka when you first enter the game. Don’t be afraid to feel “ignorant” and start with the classics two or three hit combos. You know the hint well if you have been following the Capcom series for years: thanks to the lateral scrolling movement, the controls can prove to be quite complex precisely to compensate for the reduced maneuvering space (although knowing how to work it results in wonders such as the Daigo Parry). If you want a random example, try a medium crouch kick, then follow up with a Hadoken on the fly. Practice on Ryu, Ken or Luke, and see if you “promote”. Remember, we all used the bike with training wheels a bit!

Street Fighter 6: tips and tricks to get started

Try Target Combos | Street Fighter 6 tips and tricks

Contrary to popular belief, the concept of Target Combo in no way alludes to the nineties magazine run by Gaia De Laurentiis. The term, on the other hand, indicates all the combos made up of moves which, by deliberate choice of game design, are designed to link up with each other. This is a mechanic similar to the division between “light, medium and heavy” combos also seen in other games. In other words, if the list of available moves for a specific character mentions the input of one move as part of another… this is usually the reason. Before we talked about proceeding in small steps and this is the second. Do you want to know the third?

Street Fighter 6: tips and tricks to get started

Avoid running, in every sense | Street Fighter 6 tips and tricks

You know the mechanics Drive Rush, Right? Well, for parries (even without reaching the crazy one performed by the aforementioned Daigo) you need practice, patience and timing: three things you certainly won’t have when creating your save file. Usually in a fighting game you start by pressing buttons at random (we specify for the detractors of Smash: emphasis on “starting”), so no one expects you to already be a champion on day one. Adding, then, that the Drive Rush input isn’t exactly the simplest… you should get the big picture. So, if it wasn’t already clear by now, nothing prevents you from incorporating this mechanic only later, once you get used to the game itself.

Street Fighter 6: tips and tricks to get started

Everything under controls (yes, controls) | Street Fighter 6 tips and tricks

Of course, although open to reinterpretation, the dogmas of the Street Fighter series are just that: dogmas, and as such they contribute to a very “classic” feel that characterizes each episode of the saga. It goes without saying, therefore, that the traditional command scheme can fit someone tight. However, since it’s not the foot that has to get used to the slipper and we can all be the metaphorical Cinderella in question, don’t be afraid to try the modern commands. If there is an option, there will also be a reason for its presence: if in doubt, take a tour. You will then be able to tell us if the experience turned out to be enjoyable or not, also because it is an indispensable prerogative for the next step…

Street Fighter 6: tips and tricks to get started

Practice makes perfect | Street Fighter 6 tips and tricks

Before you pummel us with Dhalsim’s fury, let us explain! Yes, we’re here again to reiterate how important that is practice with the game. However, since the world (of fighting games) began the world (of fighting games), even in Street Fighter 6 the combos rely terribly on the player’s timing. And if this is your first experience with the vein of blows, know that getting the combos right with sufficient consistency is something that comes only after pouring several hours into the title. With or without blasphemous curses attached, then, it depends only on you. But don’t rush to get results right away. And come back to read this article in a month, just to realize your progress.

Street Fighter 6: tips and tricks to get started

Shotogram | Street Fighter 6 tips and tricks

Well yes, here we go into the technical. Since we talked about Smash earlier, remember when game designer Masahiro Sakurai revealed Sephiroth? If yes, you should also mention that he mentioned the frames needed to make each move. When you start playing a certain fighting game “seriously”, sooner or later you start analyzing the frames used by a kick (for example) from the instant in which the character moves his foot forward to when the limb manages to “connect” (videogame jargon). The training mode also shows this kind of data, which we advise you to pay particular attention to. You will thank us when you are participating in some tournament.

Street Fighter 6: tips and tricks to get started


Last piece of advice, but certainly not least: consult gods from time to time video online about what your character can and can’t do. See what can be accomplished once an opponent is stunned with a Drive Impact. Trying to replicate a combo seen online today is one of the best ways to… well, improve yourself. The writer wants to take the opportunity to add a piece of advice in particular in terms of youtubers: Maximilian Death. The streamer in question occasionally covers other facets of the gaming sphere, but the focus of the channel always remains the fighting game genre. The English speakers among you could find through him an introduction to many other exponents of the genre. The game comes out tomorrow, June 2nd!

Now it’s up to you to tell us yours: have we been useful to you? Let us know below, and as always, don’t forget to stay on for all the most important news for gamers and more. For your purely gaming needs, you can instead find the best discounts in digital format on Kinguin.