Street Fighter V: the first images of Luke arrive

Street Fighter V: Luke è l'ultimo personaggio della quinta stagione thumbnail

Luke and his aggressive and powerful style of play is about to overturn the Street Fighter V roster. Will the trailer be enough to give us a first taste of the new character?

Street Fighter V: who is Luke?

As announced during Street Fighter V Fall Update, the digital event on November 23, Luke about to arrive. And his aggressive and powerful playing style is about to disrupt the roster of Street Fighter V. The character is characterized by a troubled past, as the dramatic events of his childhood forged his path. While this completely new character has a dark past, he holds a bright future for him in regards to his unique battle mechanics and importance in the world of Street Fighter.

A preview of the new background was shown in the recent fall update. Viewers glimpsed the tragic event involving Luke and his father. After that fateful day, Luke vowed he would become one of the best fighters in the world. As part of his training and new discipline, the character decides to enlist in the army, where he meets a familiar fighter who helps him on his journey.

Luke’s gameplay, as we understand from the trailer, is very focused on attack and keeps the pressure on his opponents in order to create a variety of attack opportunities. Eg, Flash Knuckle is a highly effective combo finisher where each punch button leads to a different forward attack. The ranged attack comes in the form of a called bullet Sand Blaster, which allows him to shoot energy from his hands and take on opponents at medium to long range. To complement his arsenal, Luke is armed with a unique V system that replenishes his V-Timer while dealing damage, rewarding an attack-focused style of play.

Luke can be acquired with the Season 5 Character Pass or the Season 5 Premium Pass. It can also be purchased separately or for 100.000 Fight Money.