Summer Game Fest 2023: Recap of all announcements

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The “beach E3” by Geoff Keighley was a succession of announcements: here they are all in our recap of the Summer Game Fest 2023

Here we are: after much discussion on the ruinous collapse of E3, the summer hype train has restarted for video games with the Summer Game Fest 2023of which we gladly summarized all ads. The show, much wanted by Geoff Keighley (main proponent of the Game Awards, unbuttoned on how the E3 is “eliminated by itself”), did not fail to provide a lavish binge of “World Premiere”. And we, for our part, armed ourselves with baking soda to bring together ideas after so much enthusiasm. There’s a lot to talk about, but if you want to review the event without spoiling the surprises, you can find it in the video below!

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown | Summer Game Fest 2023, all announcements

It takes a trailer capable of bringing everyone together to open the Summer Game Fest 2023, so let’s find out the first of the announcements shown. To answer the question was, on the stage of the Game Awards after a long journey “started in a bedroom”, Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown. This back-to-basics side-scroller modernizes the gameplay with the addition of dynamic camera shots and some God of War-esque aerial combos, while maintaining a mildly cartoonish art style. January 18, 2024 with more details in the upcoming Ubisoft Forward; the game will be on all platforms, including Nintendo Switch.

Mortal Kombat 1 | Summer Game Fest 2023, all announcements

To follow was Mortal Kombat 1, for which Geoff Keighley promised to “answer a lot of questions” with the first extended look. Before Ed Boon even took the stage to confirm the various theories of the case, the trailer revealed the return of many known votes. Kung Lao, Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Kax, Raiden, Goro, Stryker and a very young Raiden are just a few of the veterans, scattered among playable fighters and “Kameo Fighters”. Boon confirmed the new timeline, also revealing that Kameo are assists that can be summoned at will with a single button, separated from the “real” roster. September 19thcon preorder per Shang Tsung e beta access. As much as a “hard-to-keep” secret, the development team finally convinced Jean Claude Van Damme to play Johnny Cage.

Path of Exile II | Summer Game Fest 2023, all announcements

As a third title we have Path of Exile II. It is not particularly difficult for us to understand why Geoff Keighley had introduced the awaited sequel with a comparison with Diablo. The action RPG comes with the same dark fantasy aesthetic style and the same isometric view. We’ll know more on July 28, but the brief look at the gameplay showed a decidedly similar verve to what we got to appreciate with Diablo IV in our preview. For the moment, however, we can only let you consult the video below, before moving on to the more unexpected surprises.

“Bet this wasn’t on your bingo card!” | Summer Game Fest 2023, all announcements

This is how Geoff Keighley described the first of two announcements in this section, before moving on to the next. It starts with a cybernetic Ryu welcomed on Bikitoa island by the artificial intelligence Leviathan. He smacks of a joke from “they enter a bar …” but it is the collaboration between Exoprimal (July 14th) and Street Fighter 6, expected in the fall. Following, Nicholas Cage appears out of nowhere as himself (over the top, in the style of the late Adam West) in Dead By Daylight. On stage, the actor joked about the “new audience” while also talking about the fans of the game in his family. Cage thanked the fans in attendance “for inviting me to your very cool club” before showing off the gameplay. July 25th.

Witches and witches | Summer Game Fest 2023, all announcements

Sorry for the second brace in a row, but the first announcement is for another “pitch invasion”. The gaming audience is particularly suited to talk about The Witcheralthough this is the trailer for the upcoming third season on Netflix in estate. Returning to “us”, we have Witchfire, a first-person shooter from the creators of Painkiller and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. “The witch hunt begins” in this dark fantasy variant on what is probably the genre with the greatest presence in last night’s event. The early access of the game is scheduled for September 20, 2023.

Crossfire Sierra Squad | Summer Game Fest 2023, all announcements

Little by little, virtual reality is carving out its space in the gaming industry. The lone wolf for PSVR2 is (remember what we said about the genre?) a first-person shooter, this time with a more military twist. In the trailer of Crossfire Sierra Squad we had the opportunity to taste all the dogmas of the genre: tactical covers, urban areas plunged into chaos and, why not, maybe even some grenades to collect and return to the sender before they explode in our hands. Which, with headsets, could almost be taken literally… the only date we have is August 2023.

Remnant II | Summer Game Fest 2023, all announcements

With bullets dominating the scene, welcome if someone has a leap of imagination to make a blessed variation on the theme. True, the setting remains that of a dark fantasy as seen elsewhere, but the sudden transition to a sci-fi theme reminds us that we are watching a trailer for Remnant II. In this third-person shooter, the imagination of costume designers awaits us at full speed, given the gunslingers with sci-fi uniforms and others with more markedly western clothing. We will have the opportunity to try this (un)parapiglia first hand on day one, set for July 25th.

Sonic Superstars | Summer Game Fest 2023, all announcements

When Geoff Keighley spoke of a character loved by many, it was easy to expect the return of Sonic. What was a little harder to predict, perhaps, was an adventure dedicated entirely to the 3D version of the classic Sonic seen in Generations and Forces. The trailer of Sonic Superstars opens with a very smooth transition from sprites to polygons, but except for a spectacular voxel phase seen in the gameplay segment, nothing is confirmed yet. What we do know is that there will be new power-ups, the polygonal debut of the classic variants of Tails, Knuckles and Amy and, most importantly, the arrival on all platforms (including Switch) this fall!

Honkai Starrail | Summer Game Fest 2023, all announcements

What could be the news about Honkai Starrail, sequel to Honkai Impact 3rd? How could a title already present on PC, iOS and Android since April 26 just passed surprise us? How could the new trailer surprise us? Will it be for the new characters shown in it? Or for that underground ring setting for fights? No, Hoyoverse’s intention to amaze is clearly in the last bars, when a hacking attempt stands out. Ladies and gentlemen listen, the game will sneak up PlayStation 5 nell’last quarter of the current year!

Lies of P | Summer Game Fest 2023, all announcements

At the risk of sounding obvious… ahem, we’d be lying if we said we weren’t waiting for a release date for Lies of P. Well, the soulslike freely (read: quite freely) inspired by the world of Collodi makes its return with a melancholy trailer with veiled post-apocalyptic implications in some situations. But enough of the pleasantries for now: we don’t want to grow a nose for us and a beard for you. The game comes out on September 19, 2023…and there is one demo available from now, in the most unexpected shadow drop of the evening, come on all platforms (except Switch) on which the game is intended. And our nose hasn’t grown a millimeter.

SandLand | Summer Game Fest 2023, all announcements

If you are an expert on Akira Toriyama’s non-Dragon Ball work, then no, you don’t have the vision. Well yes, SandLand makes its videogame debut in an adventure by Bandai Namco, which aims to greatly expand what the manga has shown of the game world. The prince of demons Beelzebubù will have to join forces with the elderly sheriff Rao to survive in an arid and desert world where, among other things, there is the PlayStation 6. Yes, the writer has read the manga… and, little note to margin, we advise you to recover it (a self-contained volume). The trailer invites us to “stay tunedfor the release date, up PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S e Steam.

Annapurna Tracking | Summer Game Fest 2023, all announcements

Not much to say about how much it has to show Annapurna Interactive (videogame branch of the studio of the same name), but maybe it’s because there would actually be too many things to say. We crossed our fingers in an attempt to score everything in those few seconds of teaser, but as far as we have been able to understand, at least news awaits us on Stray (DLC or sequel), and the same can also be applied to Neon White . Naturally the migraine served Geoff Keighley to invite us to wait, with who knows what patience at this point, for the special showcase of the intended publisher the June 29th.

Throne and Liberty | Summer Game Fest 2023, all announcements

There has been a lot of talk, and for quite some time now, about what is boiling in the cauldron of Amazon’s gaming branch, but perhaps we have one of the first answers. Throne and Liberty is a free-to-play RPG, encompassing both PvP and PvE, in a world torn apart by conflict. The most interesting part is the possibility of transforming into animals, drastically opening up the player’s possibilities during the exploration phases. The game is expected on PS5 ed Xbox Series X/Sbut what makes it all the more inviting is the apparent possibility of apply to the testing phases from now.

Warhaven | Summer Game Fest 2023, all announcements

The Nexon development team joins the development teams intent on putting a sword in our hands among the many seen tonight. We were wondering if anyone had plans to revisit the Spellbreak experiment, and something with a very similar vibe (read: Fortnite-style overcrowding) will offer it to us Warhaven. The game is scheduled forfall of the current year, but the most impatient among you will be able to test it for free. The Steam Next…