Super Mario Bros The Movie Review: Beyond Time

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Super Mario Bros The Movie is out and is available in all Italian theaters that have welcomed the new Illumination and Nintendo film with great enthusiasm; let’s analyze it in our review

ORIGINAL TITLE: The Super Mario Bros. Movie. TYPE: animation, adventure, comedy, fantasy, romance. NATION: USA, Japan. REGIA: Aaron Horvath, Michael Jelenic. CAST: Chris Pratt, Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Day, Jack Black, Keegan-Michael Key, Seth Rogen, Kevin Michael Richardson, Fred Aarmisen, Sebastian Maniscalco, Khary Payton, Charles Martinet, Jessica DiCicco, Eric Bauza, Juliet Jelenic, Scott Menville. DURATION: 92 minutes. DISTRIBUTOR: Universal Pictures. CINEMA OUTPUT: 05/04/2023.

Putting emotion aside, trying to be objective and forget about the shivers and watery eyes caused by every note of the soundtrack: here is the diktat that we are putting ourselves in the writing phase of this Super Mario Bros The Movie review however, it must be admitted, it will not be easy to respect it at all. It won’t be because the mix of emotions that caused us to watch this film transcends the pure nostalgia of the past and childhood.

It is something different, something complicated to explain and to tell, a common thread that starts from the time of the first games starring the most famous plumber in the world until today. Not something that remains anchored in the past but yes amalgamate with the present causing a particular sense of sharingbetween those who grew up with that world and those who are starting to discover it.

It starts from the target – Review of Super Mario The Movie

Super Mario The Movie is a work that is aimed at a specific target audience. You need to have this clear in mind when you approach the vision. It is a film aimed primarily at an audience of children and, as such, proposes narrative and screenplay solutions that are perfectly suited to that same reference target. It is a simple animated film, without too many pretensions and it delivers an hour and a half of fun and entertainment that flows with extreme pleasure and fluidity. The plot is very basic and simple: Mario and Luigi end up in a world parallel to theirs, the two will separate and in Mario’s attempt to find his lost brother they will collide with the fury of Bowser, intent on conquering all the kingdoms and to marry Princess Peach.

Nothing too far, therefore, from what can be the incipit of a video game in the series. The substantial absence of a more concrete and more articulated plot could make someone turn up their noses but, at the same time, if one is aware of the audience with which the film is confronted and of the linearity with what happens in videogame works, this narrative setting it won’t bother you, on the contrary, it will allow you to concentrate about how beautiful it will be shown.

Super Mario Bros The Movie Review: Beyond Time

Film-play animations – Super Mario The Movie Review

Gameplay is a feature of video games that represents the experience of player interaction with the game

Why open this paragraph with the gameplay definition? This definition helps us to introduce a concept which, in our opinion, is one of the film’s greatest strengths. Watching Super Mario Bros The Movie offers (almost) the same feedback as playing a video game in the series. The rate of “action” and adventure is perfectly balanced with the other components of the work and the quality of the animations makes viewing extremely pleasant, in turn seasoned with visual solutions that are never trivial. The color palette of what can be seen on the screen takes up all the tones of the series: starting from the city of Brooklyn, passing through the Mushroom Kingdom and the gloomy and dark atmospheres of Bowser’s house.

Super Mario Bros The Movie Review: Beyond Time

The fan service fair – Review Super Mario The Movie

Super Mario Bros The Movie is a real Fan Service fair and we would like to underline to all those who will read this review that: We loved this thing! This film has it all. Everything that has been part of the world of Super Mario since 1985. The characterization of the characters is very faithful: Mario courageous and stubborn, Luigi cowardly but with a big heart, Bowser thirsty for power but with a romantic vein, Toad ingenious and enterprising and so on. The one who emerges the most, probably, is Princess Peach, who, compared to videogames, has a more central and active role in the whole adventure.

This fidelity, however, fits perfectly in a trail of perfectly sipped references and “easter eggs” for the entire duration of the work and which take elements from every video game in the series. Starting from the 2D scenes up to the Karts. Everything mixes perfectly in a mix of ingredients that the more expert eye will welcome as small gifts that Illumination and Nintendo wanted to give and which, instead, the novice eye, young and full of that genuine childish curiosity will perceive as something to discover.

Super Mario Bros The Movie Review: Beyond Time

Thanks Mario… as always and always!

Our Super Mario Bros The Movie review has now reached its final stages and we want to take up a concept with which we have decided to open it. It is precisely that common thread and that joy that we felt in seeing so many children at the cinema. Curious children who, together with their parents (elder brothers or accompanying adults), have had the opportunity to deal with an icon that transcends time and space, because Mario is just that, in his extreme simplicity. And therefore, leaving the room, the idea that all the sensations, those of children and those of longtime fans, have intertwined their paths is extremely exciting.

And we are sure, very sure indeed, that every parent or older sibling, before saying goodnight to your children answered so many questions and told them all the details they were unable to grasp, and then turned off the light in their bedroom, went into their closet, dusted off the old cartridges and hinted at a smile full of that pleasant melancholy of times gone by, treating yourself to an intense moment alone with yourself and with your passions.

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Plus points

  • Excellent animations
  • Characters faithful and perfectly characterized
  • Simple plot that goes well with the target audience
  • Ruthless fan service… but that’s okay!

Points against

  • Some abuse of some quotes and expressions

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