Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: an online tournament… risky

“O la va or la smash” is the title of the next Super Smash Bros. Ultimate online tournament: a name chosen for a specific reason

We are also here today to update you on the next one evento online, in this case a tournament, of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. In this case, the competition is called “Make it or brake it“. One would wonder what this competition owes its name to, so we will take the opportunity to add an extra piece to ours guide, after specifying the operation of the Supporting Spirits. We have never dwelt too much on tools beyond the sixth episode of our manual, so in this case we will take the opportunity to explain how two of them work.

An online tournament where either he goes or breaks it, in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The protagonists of the next Super Smash Bros. Ultimate online tournament will in fact be two specific tools. The weapons concerned, as you can see from the artwork shown above and in the tweet below, are the Special flag and the Bomber. Once collected (A), you can use them (A) once you are there the land. Their activation, however, will irremediably immobilize you for a few seconds, making you so vulnerable to enemy attacks. If their use is successful, however, you can get a point (Time Attack, Special Flag), earn a life (Screw Strike, Special Flag) or deal massive damage to surrounding enemies (Bomber).

The event, whose title “O la va or la spacca” is suddenly clearer, will also include the Sfera Smash as a third tool available. For the rest, no skimming is foreseen scenarios e characters available. The rules, as usual, are the following: timed clashes lasting two and a half minutes, Final Smash Bar active and appearance of tools in the average. By not introducing unpublished content, the event will be limited to the usual ones three days of duration. Access will be open to players starting the day after tomorrow, Friday 30 April, at eight in the morning, to then end after the “bridge” at the same time as Monday 3 May.

Now it’s up to you to tell us yours: did our guide on these two tools serve you? Let us know below, and as always don’t forget to stay on for all the most important news for gamers and more. For your purely gaming needs, you can instead find the best discounts in digital format on Instant Gaming.