Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Sakurai talks about swordsmen in an interview

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Sakurai talks about swordsmen in an interview

Swashbuckler: Masahiro Sakurai talks about the swordsmen in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in a podcast, just before the Pyra / Mythra stream

With the arrival of Pyra and Mythra, we certainly did not expect to be able to translate un’intervista a Masahiro Sakurai in person as “bonus” news of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for today after the Pokémon Smash tournament, yet here we are. During the Washa Live podcast, the game designer briefly touched on the topic of the many swordsmen featured in the game’s stellar cast of characters. The decision on who enters and who does not is not entirely up to him, and even in this case he has not forgotten to remind us. A translation of what was said during the podcast circulates on the internet, which we will present to you in Italian.

Summary and full version: Sakurai interview for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Sakurai preferred the brutal honesty during the interview, recognizing even the less ambitious choices such as the presence of Byleth for the cast of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate are, in principle, choices made more by Nintendo than by him. The Big N offers him a list of characters, from which he then chooses who to include and who not. We leave you to the podcast and our translation.

Nakamura: “Would you like to announce something?”

Sakurai: “No, nothing special (laughs) … but actually yes.”

Nakamura: “What is it about?”

Sakurai: “I take this opportunity to remind you that soon I will explain in a special video how to use Pyra and Mythra.”

Kajita: “You mean the one where the gameplay delves into? I was alluding to this! “

Nakamura: “The number of fencers gives you a lot of trouble, right?”

Sakurai: “What, fencers… ah, sure. Well, I can’t help it! (everyone laughs) Really, the choice of who is added – swordsman or not – is not my responsibility. “

Nakamura: “There is no doubt about this. But the community murmurs, you know. And he often freaks out for yet another swordsman. “

Sakurai: “Everything will work out, as long as we obviously demonstrate that we are able to balance the new arrivals. Swordsmen included. “

Nakamura: “I really can’t blame you.”

Sakurai: “And then the swordsmen integrate easily.”

Nakamura: “In what sense, sorry?”

Sakurai: “Try comparing them to Steve.”

Nakamura: “Ah—!”

Kajita: “But can you talk about it like that, freewheeling?”

Sakurai: “Actually I would say no!” (Kajita and Nakamura laugh)

Nakamura: “Nor here, really.”

Sakurai: “I probably better stop before I get into trouble with Nintendo …”

Kajita: “Could you sign a special contract with us? Maybe that would be the solution. “

Nakamura: “To be able to do it! Anyway, thanks for coming, Sakurai. “

Sakurai: “The pleasure was mine, thanks for the invitation.”

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