Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: ZeRo streamer attempts suicide

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: ZeRo streamer attempts suicide

Gonzalo Barrios, aka ZeRo, attempted suicide: the shock on Twitter from the competitive scene of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

There are so many reasons to play the same game multiple times in a week, and sadly the attempted suicide of Gonzalo “ZeRo” Barrios brings us back to the dramas they recently involved Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The player, of Chilean descent, found himself involved in the many scandals that have surrounded the competitive scene of the game, to the point of having tried to commit suicide this week. The former partner of Barrios, known on Twitter only with the handler @healinghalos or with the name Vanessa, communicated what happened on the same platform, with a post that we will translate.

The attempted suicide of ZeRo, one of the greatest champions of Super Smash Bros.

The tweet, which you can also find below, reminds us that a few days ago ZeRo attempted suicide, presumably in response to the indignation of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate community. In fact, we recall that, in the midst of the pandemic, several cases of misogyny and of employee in the competitive environment. Luckily for Barrios, the guy got away with a hospitalization, but is now undergoing further treatment. Finally Vanessa reminds us that “humans are more than the mistakes they commit, especially when the good they do is greater.”

The post closes wishing Barrios the best. The reactions to what happened were divided in two factions. Some prefer don’t forget the accusations which involved the player, while others expressed greater indignation towards those who have exerted such social pressure as to lead them to attempt a similar gesture. For our part, we cannot comment on the situation outside the facts that we report, noting only how much the phenomenon of cancel culture has as many shadows as there are lights.

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