Surface Pro 9 and all the other news announced by Microsoft

Surface Pro 9 e tutte le altre novità annunciate da Microsoft thumbnail

Microsoft announced a lot of news atevento Surface of today, but with an absolute protagonist: the new Surface Pro 9. But there are also news for creatives with the new Surface Studio 2+, a new dock station that will also improve video calling on Teams and much more.

The news of the Microsoft event: not only Surface Pro 9

This year Microsoft decided to combine the Surface Pro and Surface Pro X lines, launching a single product: Surface Pro 9. Which you can choose with either chip Arm SQ3 developed together with Qualcomm with 5G support or with processors 12th Generation Intel Core.

However, the 2-in-1 line remains in continuity with the past. We find a suntuso 13-inch screen PixelSense Flow Display (2880 x 1920)with refresh rate from 120Hz. Only the Intel model will have Dolby Vision, but they remain the relationship from 3: 2 and 1200: 1 contrast.

The weight also varies very little: 883 grams for the 5G model and 879 grams for the Intel one. But there is a lot of power inside: 8 to 32 GB of RAM (up to 16GB for SQ3), from 128GB of memory up to 1TB (only on Intel model). However, the SQ3 model developed together with someone will have a neural unit NPU which implements functionality for remove background noises during calls and make sure you look in the eye: in short, functions to connect to the maximum through Teams.

Microsoft Surface Pro 9 accessories, pricing and availability

All the vrianti arrive compatible with different accessories, such as Surface Slim Pen 2, Surface Pro Signature Keyboard, Surface Pro Keyboard, Surface Pro X Signature Keyboard e Surface Pro X Keyboard. As for the colors, we find Platinum, Graphite, Sapphire, Forest for the Intel version and only Platinum for the 5G one.

Surface Pro 9 will be available in Italy from 8 November next with prices starting from 1,329 euros. But you can already pre-order them on the company’s website.

The new Surface Studio 2 Plus has an RTX 3060 card (and a hefty price tag

Microsoft has also announced a new version of the Surface Studio, even more powerful. Surface Studio 2+ uses a chip Intel Core i7-11370H 11th generation (that of last year), with a combined NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Laptop con 6GB GDDR6 and full Microsoft DirectX 12 Ultimate support. All combined with 32GB of RAM and 1TB of SSD.

surface studio 2 plus microsoft 9

The machine should improve CPU performance by 50% compared to the “base” Studio 2 and five times those of the original Surface Studio, released in 2016. And it also offers tre porte USB-C con USB 4.0/Thunderbolt 4, due USB-A 3.1, un jack 3,5mm e un Gigabit Ethernet.

All in a format that allows you to use the display PixelSense 28″ 4500×3000 in different ways, so that creatives can use the Surface Pen, but also a connected bluetooth keyboard, for example. However, content creators will have to spend: it will arrive in Italy at the price of 5.389 euro starting from November 1st.

Microsoft’s Audio Dock for smart working (not just with Surface Pro 9)

Microsoft also announced a Audio Dock designed for smart working, especially for those who often go to meetings and video calls. In fact, the docking station offers several ports: HDMI, USB-A e due USB-C. This way you can connect up to two monitors, one with HDMI and one with USB-C DisplayPort, with pass-through charging from 60Wenough for many laptops (and even the Microsoft Surface Pro 9, for example).

audio dock microsoft surface evento pro 9 min

But in addition to the ports, it offers two microphones with noise reduction, controls to turn up the volume or mute the call and speakers to better manage your meetings. Obviously a certified product Microsoft Teamscomplete with a built-in button for lightning-fast connections.

Additionally the company launched Presenter Plus, a remote control that allows you to manage conferences on Teams both from home and in the meeting room. And it works with different apps like PowerPoint, Prezi and Keunote to let you manage your presentation better, connecting both via Bluetooth and wireless. Also there are buttons for voice commands and calls in Teams. In short: an interesting novelty for those who often manage presentations for work.

At the moment there are no launch dates or prices, but we expect them to arrive soon: we will keep you informed.