Sorprese in bolletta? No grazie, ci pensa Endi. L'intervista al CEO Lorenzo Maffioli thumbnail

Surprises in the bill? No thanks, Endi will take care of it. The interview with CEO Lorenzo Maffioli

Never like in this period are we overwhelmed by the need to pay the utmost attention to bill costs home. Every month it becomes almost a nightmare having to deal with the total that appears on the bill and it often happens that we have nasty surprises, such as an increase of which we were not aware. For this reason, the Endi startup and web-app has precisely this mission: to prevent this from happening and to keep the user’s energy consumption monitored.

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The Endi startup: what it means to keep the problem of energy consumption at heart

Now is a startup born with the aim of avoiding surprises in the bill and implements this thanks to energy consumption monitoring. Furthermore, what the startup wants to do is raise awareness the final consumer, who will be led in a very natural way to change his consumption habits. This way you have a significant impact on both wallets that onenvironment.

For this reason, the focus of Endi is embodied in the condominiumsespecially those with centralized systems.

«In the condominium we have identified a problem relating to the end user, who has to wait up to 6 months to find out how much he has consumed and how much he has to pay. On the other hand we have the condominium administrator, who especially in this historical period is unable to predict energy costs and finds himself having to issue extraordinary condominium installments to pay the bills. Therefore, disputes arise from the condominiums, since the condominium installments are not calibrated on the basis of consumption.

declared the CEO Lorenzo Maffioli. To deal with this problem, thanks to the Endi web-app, every tenant has the possibility of knowing in real time how much he is consuming and spending.

The startup Endi, how it works

The responsive web-app (which will become an app downloadable from Play Store e Apple Store very soon) was designed to become a real virtual energy assistant of each tenant. But above all, the update on consumption would take place on a daily basis, and not just a month as already commonly happens.

Not only updating from an energy point of view, but also logistically: Endi thinks of everything. The user’s consumption is explained by indicators and graphs which allow you to understand if you are consuming well or badly, as well as giving reports on malfunctions o waste energy, tips on how to save and much more.

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The studies behind the startup Endi

At the moment Endi has tested the service on 200 condominiums and is organizing the first activation contracts. In general, scientific studies are the basis of the development of web-apps, such as ENEA, which show how

«the awareness of end users regarding their own consumption can lead to energy savings of up to 30%.»

Maffioli reported.

Gamification to encourage savings

Endi also gives a touch of fun, to entice the user to save money and be careful with consumption. How does it work? Systems are set up that reward users on the basis of their consumption habits, proposing consumption reduction challenges. They will have to accumulate points that they can spend on marketplace in Endito win discounts on products or services offered by partner companies.

The CEO of Endi, Lorenzo Maffioli

Sicilian transplanted to Milan to pursue his dream of innovating, above all social and environmental, Lorenzo Maffioli is the CEO of the startup Endi. Graduate Informatica at Bicocca University, he began his career working for large consulting multinationals, such as Ntt Data and Deloitte. His role was to developerto then move on to the more functional part of creating a software.

Wanting a more dynamic environment and work, Maffioli had to move to other companies. And this is how, in his spare time and together with some friends, he managed to find one that needed to create a custom e-invoicing software. Maffioli and his colleagues make it happen and the final product is successful. In fact, after a few months of word of mouth, the same request arrives from two other companies in the same sector.

And it is at this moment that Maffioli decides to take the plunge: that of quit to start a new adventure in the computer world. He is thus selected for an incubation path at Startup Geeks, in particular for a project called Billinn.

He later became CTO in a fashion retail project, which shortly thereafter was established as an innovative startup, Ready to Wear (R2W) and finally, in 2021Lorenzo has decided to devote himself entirely to the project.

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