Suru is the winner of the Red Bull Solo Q

Suru è il vincitore del Red Bull Solo Q thumbnail

Suru flies to the European Play-offs.
This is the verdict of the Italian final of Red Bull Solo Q, the tournament that allows the best amateur players in Italy to compete using the Red Bull format that sees players compete in one-on-one fights. At the center of everything, of course, one of the most loved games in the world: League of Legends.

Red Bull Solo Q: the winner is Edoardo “Suru” Surugiu

It was held yesterday, at the Combo Milano, the red bull solo q finale, con Edoardo “Suru” Surugiu19-year-old from Brugherio (MB), who managed to defeat his opponents and obtain the coveted recognition of best Italian player.

Suru he managed to clinch the victory by easily eliminating Umbyrulez and AFN PES3, while a fearsome opponent, Dream Maker, made his way to defeat Laguna Rock and Gap. The last challenge therefore saw Suru and Dream Maker confront each other. A heart-pounding battle that captured the attention of all viewers, both those present on site and those connected on the Twitch channel.
After the second game won, Suru seemed to have the victory in his pocket but Dream Maker managed to take home an unexpected win, once again shuffling the cards on the table. Suru, however, did not let himself be discouraged, managing to confirm his victory in a competition that normally involves 5 against 5 clashes but which, in the particular formula of the Red Bull Solo Q, includes 1 against 1 battles.

Suru will enter the European Play-Offs bringing the flag to the world finals and carving out a prominent place in the international competitive scene.

The event was realized thanks to the collaboration of PG esports and to the support of Acer, technological partner who made available the products of the Nitro range with AMD Ryzen processors.

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