Survival Quiz City: il gioco avrà due nuove beta per il TGS thumbnail

Survival Quiz City: The game will have two new betas for the TGS

Survival Quiz City, the multiplayer quiz video game developed by Bandai Namco Studios, is ready for two new betas introducing the new custom match feature. The first session will take place behind closed doors during the Tokyo Game Show from Wednesday 29 September to Saturday 2 October, followed by an open beta on Saturday 16 October and Sunday 17 October.

Survival Quiz City is about to return to the Tokyo Game Show

According to what was explained by Bandai Namco, the competitors, in the beta of the Tokyo Game Show, they will be able to create their own custom rule sets. In addition, by choosing to play in Survival mode, participants will have to overcome quizzes and obstacle courses, or there is also the Bounty Hunters mode, in which no one is eliminated, but the richest contender takes home the crown at the end of the game.

Participants in the closed beta will be carefully selected from among content creators and industry professionals, while everyone else will have to wait for the public version to be able to test their skills in this particular quiz.

For those who don’t know, Survival Quiz City is a game that simulates a televised prize game, in which 30 competitors compete by trying to correctly answer various general knowledge questions. The answer to each question is multiple choice and with limited space. Players who get the answer wrong are catapulted into an obstacle course and will face an additional challenge.

They will have to outlive the winners equipped with toy guns and other weaponry, like in a survival game.

“The Survival Quiz City betas have been tremendously helpful in improving the game so far and we look forward to receiving feedback from our next two betas,” he said. Yusuke Shigeta, director of Survival Quiz City and Bandai Namco Studios – We want to work with our community of competitors to make this game the best it can be ”.

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