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Susan Wojcicki steps down as CEO of YouTube

The CEO of YouTube Susan Wojcickione of Silicon Valley’s most prominent women, just announced that the own resignation as administrator of the platform. Wojcicki explained that the reason behind the decision to resign as CEO lies in the desire to devote himself to his family, health and projects dictated by his passion.

YouTube’s Susan Wojcicki steps down as CEO

In a letter published on the YouTube blog to reach all the many employees of the company. In the letter, Wojcicki recounts how he decided twenty-five years ago to follow Larry Page e Sergey Brin in the Google project, whose success he and colleagues determined as CEO of YouTube.

Now it will happen to her Neal Monhan, who has worked extensively with Wojcicki, becoming his right-hand man at YouTube since 2015. Monhan joined Google in 2007 after the DoubleClick acquisition, later climbing the company to become Senior Vice President of Display and Video Ads . He has been YouTube’s Chief Product Officer since 2015, leading YouTube’s all-important Trust and Safety team.

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Wojcicki however explains that he will support Monhan through the transition and will continue to work with the YouTube teams. And in the future, Wojcicki has “agreed with Sundar [Pichai, CEO di Google, ndr] to take on an advisory role at Google and Alphabet,” standing by the company.

In a statement, Google co-founders Brin and Page wrote: “Susan has a unique place in Google’s history and has made the most incredible contributions to products being used by people around the world. […] We are very grateful for everything he has done over the past 25 years.”

Wojcicki was the person who rented the garage where Brin and Page built their search engine and became a member of Google immediately. To then lead YouTube, the most popular video and social content platform in the world. So the words of Brin and Page are not just circumstantial: Wojcicki is one of the protagonists of the tech history of the last quarter of a century.

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