Sustainability and Metaverse, a compatible duo?

Sostenibilità e Metaverso, un binomio compatibile? thumbnail

Il Metaverso can have a positive impact on sustainability? For Western Digital Environment Day it asks itself some questions and invites us to reflect on this possible new technological paradigm. Web 3.0 and the ability to virtually meet could change the future of the planet. But on the other hand, the increase of electronic waste and of electrical request they could have the opposite impact. If they are not found greener data storage solutions.

Metaverse and Sustainability, reflections by Western Digital

The Metaverse could offer the possibility of moving physical work online, some social gatherings, not to mention the entire online gaming ecosystem. But this will involve a rapid increase in production of data, which will require better performing archiving solutions.

Less than a quarter of electronic products are recycled, generating more and more electronic waste. Something that could still rise with the integration of physical and virtual work. Indeed it will require new hardware for digitize more and more aspects of our life.

For this reason it is necessary to set one’s own compass on sustainability, addressing technological changes by putting the environment first.

Western Digital explains that a necessary first step is to define an approach to reduce emissions based on Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi). By making sure that emissions are reduced and by requesting the validation of external bodies.

Furthermore, it is necessary to invest so that i data centers pollute as little as possible, using renewable sources. Google is aiming for this goal in 2030, while Microsoft plans to make it by 2025. Apple and Amazon are also aiming for 100% renewable energy.

Then there is a need to review the production and products, making sure to contain emissions throughout the cycle of a device. And investing to create a circular economy, going so far as to recycle its products (perhaps with recovery and over-evaluation campaigns). It is also necessary to educate about sustainability on the whole supply chain.

The combination of Metaverse and Sustainability is therefore possible. But only with the right attention. Otherwise, as he explains Western Digital“The Metaverse will also be virtual, but if we don’t find a way to reduce our global footprints, its impact on the environment it might be all too real. “